Week in Premiere 5/6/16

Week in Premiere 5/6/16

Premiere Pro News

Follow Marcelo Lewin, AKA the Digimedia Dude, to the Adobe booth at NAB Show where he gets a one-on-one tour of the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC. See the new proxy and VR workflows, as well as the new HSL Secondary color corrector up close and personal amidst the buzz of NAB Show. Colin Brougham, the Adobe Premiere Pro presenter is great tour guide and the scenery is beautiful.

In August of last year Primal Cuts released PDFviewer for Premiere Pro, an extension that can open and search PDF documents. This week, Primal Cuts added PDFviewer for After Effects and Adobe Audition to the family. Head on over and see how this great tool can help your Premiere Pro editing workflow go green. For the Premiere Bro review of the original PDFviewer, visit PDFviewer for Premiere Pro.

Speaking of great tools for Premiere Pro, editor and blogger Jonny Elwyn posted a fresh list of 3rd party add-ons and plugins for Premiere Pro. None of these tools will hurt your wallet. But they will help you edit faster and make your work look better. And that usually helps your wallet!

This week Premiere Bro released the Premiere Pro roundup from Post|Production World 2016. There was far too many Premiere Pro sessions and trainers at P|PW for Premiere Bro to cover all of them. But this post is as comprehensive as it gets. Experience the sights and sounds of P|PW 2016 in this collection of live Tweets, Vines, and YouTube videos from Premiere Bro. Congrats and thanks to Future Media Concepts and all the trainers for a great event! 

Back at NAB Show, Randi Altman of postPerspective interviewed Bill Roberts, Senior Director of Professional Video Product Management at Adobe Systems. Bill discussed some of the trends and challenges in the post-production industry that contributed to the new proxy, VR, and color workflow features coming to Premiere Pro CC. He put it in an interesting way, saying all the technological advancements in the industry (UHD, HDR, High Frame Rate, etc.) run contrary to the devices people want to use (MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface, etc.). Have you ever thought about it in that way before? It says even more for Adobe's success in keeping Premiere Pro and the rest of Creative Cloud relevant to both new and professional customers.

Had a hard time trying to fit this Tweet into one of the four Week in Premiere categories. It's a brilliant feature request. And the irony is sweet.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Not familiar with track targeting? Watch this 15 second legacy Premiere Bro "Brotorial" Toggle Target Video Shortcuts. How have you mapped your Toggle Target Video buttons?

Warp Stabilizer can only be applied to clips that match the sequence size. Right click the clip and select Nest to replace the clip with a "container" clip that will match the sequence settings.

Never encountered these particular issues myself. Have you?

A fine reminder that good editing is the little details... TONS of little details.

Nice save! Click here to learn how to manage your auto save files. (BTW this Twitter discussion had a happy ending.)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

In the first post since Fall 2015, ReTooled.net shared a new tutorial on setting up 5.1 audio in Premiere Pro. 5.1 audio is commonly known as surround sound. (Visit the 5.1 surround sound Wikipedia page for more info.) I'll admit, my clients are not asking for deliverables with surround sound, which results in a soft spot in my Premiere Pro knowledge on the subject. Thanks to ReTooled.net for this great reference, deep and thoroughly explained as usual!

There's not enough GIFs on the internet. Go and fix it Premiere Pro users! This post applies to both Mac and PC systems. Shoutout to Gifrocket, a free video-to-GIF converter for Mac.

Premiumbeat shared this list of Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts for beginners. It's a fantastic starting place for getting your Premiere Pro keyboard editing game off the ground. Even if you're not a beginner, give this post a skim, just to make sure you got all these.

Be sure to check out Premiumbeat for high quality royalty free stock music that won't break the bank.

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