Week in Premiere 5/13/16

Week in Premiere 5/13/16

Premiere Pro News

Premiere Pro comes to town with this post! Mark Morreau shares his story of becoming a specialized videographer for live events such as circus acts and other performing arts. Knowing the editing tools inside Premiere Pro and their reliability influences the way Mark shoots video. "I know Premiere will let me manipulate the video in such a way that I can improve whatever I shoot in the edit." Mark also describes how Premiere Pro and After Effects have become so fast that they do not interrupt his editing workflow.

#PostChat is getting resurrected! Thanks to editor (and Adobe enthusiast) Chris Colton. Chris, along with support from Josh Short and Nick Montgomery, is picking up the #PostChat torch originally carried by Jesse Averna, AOTG, and Tej Babra. Chris is looking for topics; reply to the Tweet below with suggestions! Help contribute to the momentum of this great post-production networking resource. Click here to learn more about #PostChat and how to participate.

Filmmaker and futurist, Maxim Jago, Tweeted out his recorded Adobe booth presentation at NAB Show. No matter the topic, which in this case happens to be Tips and Tricks for Post-Production, Maxim always has a deeper, more intellectual approach to editing. In this presentation, the purpose of Maxim's tips and tricks is to achieve a "zen state of no-mind." Sound like your last editing session? Then watch this!

Check out the Adobe at NAB 2016 | Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Playlist for more recorded Adobe booth presentations at NAB Show.

Since the beginning of this year, Adobe has really amped up it's presence on Twitch. In fact, Adobe is now the official sponsor of Twitch Creative. (Learn more about Adobe's sponsorship of Twitch Creative.) Jason Levine, the Principle Worldwide Evangelist for Creative Cloud, in particular, has a weekly Sound and Vision broadcast on the Adobe Twitch Channel. Get inspired by watching him create using the Adobe Creative Cloud professional video and audio apps every Friday, 9-12pm PST. Or catch the replays!

Editor and Apple FCPX plugin maker Alex Gollner shared this blog post by Oliver Peters, a known and respected editor, and the blogger behind digitalfilms. In the first half of this post, Oliver shares some thoughts on 4K and some of the bottlenecks that affect workflow and delivery. One of the bottlenecks of editing 4K footage is the NLE itself. He comes to the conclusion that FCPX usually performed better than Avid, Premiere Pro, and Resolve, and was the most "viable" NLE choice. Immediately proceeding in the second half of the post, titled "Native Workflow", Oliver opens with this statement, "The first big plus for Final Cut Pro X is how easily it works with native media that it’s compatible with." In my anything-but-objective opinion, Premiere Pro CC already has FCPX beat on this point. When it comes to media compatibility, Premiere Pro has a much more robust list of 4K camera formats that it can edit natively. Not to mention, the new native and proxy workflows coming to Premiere Pro CC, will rival FCPX's proxy editing workflow.

This is a post worth reading. Just wanted to provide a couple friendly counterpoints from an editor/blogger who ended up on the other side of the aisle when it comes to editing 4K.

On that long note, here's a post for editors who find themselves looking over their NLE fence at Premiere Pro CC. Editor and blogger, Jonny Elwyn, makes a guest appearance on the Wipster blog and gives 4 reasons why editors should make the switch to Premiere Pro. This post is aimed at editors who are looking to replace their current NLE. Read Jonny's reasoning for why Premiere Pro's affordability and keyboard shortcuts make it the best NLE option. The grass is greener over here!

For more on switching to to Premiere Pro, check out these Reasons to Switch to Premiere Pro.

In this Premiere Promo, editor Mike Lowther shares his editing workflow on the music video "Low" by One Hundred Thousand.  Read his thoughts on editing RED media natively in Premiere Pro CC and learn how he handled outsourcing the VFX shots. Watch the music video, included in the post below.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Seriously, watch this video by Lixi Studios. Especially if you're a Premiere Pro editor.

Premiere Pro Tips

Editor Matt Christensen again making an appearance this Week in Premiere Tips category. This time he shared some good advice for export settings for screeners in Premiere Pro. Screeners are low quality rough cuts meant for review only. Why not throw some burnt-in timecode on there as well?

Here's a great tip from Weston Woodbury. Assign keyboard shortcuts to Label colors. This will dramatically speed up color coding your clips! Remember, searching "label" will actually hide the colors in the Keyboard Shortcut editor because "label" is not included in the color names. Instead, search for the color itself, or navigate to the Labels section as shown below.

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Rampant Design added another great Premiere Pro tutorial to their collection. Get your action VFX on with Rampant Design CEO, Sean Mullen, by learning how to add real gun effects and muzzle flashes to your shots. The best part of this tutorial is Sean uses gun effects that are included in Rampant Design's free effects! Just provide your email address and BANG!

Also, check out Rampant Design's interview with Colin Smith, the Premiere Pro guru of VideoRevealed. (Colin is no stranger to Week in Premiere!) This interview is part of a new video podcast series called Rampant Live. Tune Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm EST to hear Rampant Design chat with video production professionals.

Filmmaker and YouTuber, Jordy Vandeput shared this epic Premiere Pro tutorial on making an epic logo animation inside Premiere Pro. All the epic effects Jordy uses in this tutorial come with Premiere Pro. Download the epic project file and follow along! Epic.

This week RocketStock shared their take on the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC and what it means for video editors. Post author, Caleb Ward, breaks down the new proxy and VR workflows, as well as the new HSL Secondaries and gives some real-world implications for Premiere Pro users.

Small disclaimer on the following tutorial. Premiere Bro knows next to nothing about the online gaming community. This tutorial definitely targets those Premiere Pro users who are looking to edit their gameplay videos into shorter episodes. In this video, gamer and YouTuber, Sicadin, shows us his process for editing his gameplay videos. What's really amusing about this tutorial is during the recording, there are 3 or 4 other gamers who call in and make funny background comments. The tutorial is long and not necessarily "polished", but it might be especially helpful to and appreciated by fellow Premiere Pro gamers.

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