Week in Premiere 4/29/16

Week in Premiere 4/29/16

Premiere Pro News

How's your NAB Show momentum? Still going strong? Regardless, the #1 go-to place to see all that happened at the Adobe booth is the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel. Adobe has been regularly uploading recorded speaker sessions and speaker interviews ever since the event began. Watch the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC in action with some of the top Adobe evangelists, trainers, and filmmakers. You can relive your favorite Adobe booth moments or see them for the first time, just click the button below.

One of the most exciting things about NAB Show was seeing all the hype surrounding Premiere Pro. As its popularity continues to surge, hardware and software manufacturers have been scrambling to integrate their products into Premiere Pro CC. These new advancements made this year's NAB Show all the more exciting for Premiere Pro users! Here is a small roundup of NAB Show videos featuring popular 3rd party add-ons, plugins, and effects for Premiere Pro CC.

This Studio Daily post interviews Andrew Moraski, Post Supervisor for Citizen Pictures, on the Premiere Pro powered workflow behind their new reality show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. What's unique about this post is it mentions a specific Premiere Pro metadata field used in Citizen Picture's post production workflow. Can you guess what it is? Read the post to find out! Also, see which two plugins get a shoutout from Citizen Pictures.

The results are in! Jonny Elwyn conducted a survey about a month ago, asking his readers for their feedback to help guide the future direction of his site. The survey numbers reflect an overall industry trend—Premiere Pro users dominated the results! Now let's try to be a good winner and say that editing is not about the tool, it's about the... Forget it. Premiere Pro is the best! ;) Looking forward to more Premiere Pro content Jonny!

This is just fun. You keyboard shortcut junkies will appreciate this. What if you ditched the keyboard altogether? The guy(s?) behind production company, Owl Bot, mapped a Steam gaming controller to edit in Premiere Pro! How cool is that? Of course, it has its limitations, but you have to admire the innovation. What's next? Premiere Pro multiplayer editing???

A fitting Prince tribute from a Premiere Pro user.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

This Premiere Pro tip is little different than the usual. The tip is not the Tweet itself but all the replies to it. Click on the Smarter Every Day Tweet below to see the plethora of troubleshooting tips for the "Error compiling movie. Unknown error." popup message in Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. 

Premiere Pro doesn't have a 'Show Unused' feature, but Twain Richardson provided a good workaround using Premiere Pro's Video and Audio Usage metadata columns.

The guys at Command+Edit podcast (one of the best, most consistent post production podcasts out there!) shared this Premiere Pro real estate saving tip. Can't remember the last time I used the transport controls in my Source and Program monitors. Bye-bye!

Why use Warp Stabilizer when you have a slider? Applying Warp Stabilizer to a proper slider or dolly shot can add just a little bit of smoothness to make your shot absolutely magical. After all, video editing is a business where the little things make the biggest difference. Amy Gian knows! 

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Ewan Michael Riley published a phenomenal two-part tutorial on working with "selects sequences" in Premiere Pro. A selects sequence is where all the clips from a card, or a day, (or whatever) are placed in a sequence and the best clips are "selected" either by putting them on another track, using a label color, removing the unwanted clips, etc. (Ewan explains it better and in greater depth!) There are loads of editing workflow tips and shortcuts throughout these tutorial. For example, how to use label colors, how to use the Find feature in the Timeline, how to gang the Source and Timeline together, just to name a few. This is organized and efficient editing well-explained! 

Every Premiere Pro editor knows and loves Vashi Nedomansky's Pancake Timeline. What if the same delicious principle was applied to the Media Browser? Introducing the Pancake Media Browser, a smarter way to import with multiple Media Browsers, each pointed at a different folder in your project. Read the post and see if the Pancake Media Browser changes the way you import in Premiere Pro.

Premiere Bro had the pleasure of writing Episode 2: Mastering the Media Browser for Wipster's Adobe Premiere Pro Masterclass. Wipster is an online video review and approval platform that is committed to providing high quality Premiere Pro content on its blog. Stay tuned for more collaboration between Wipster and Premiere Bro!

Richard Harrington, CEO of RHED Pixel (and founder of a slew of other initiatives, too many to list!) launched a new site called Think Tap Learn, an online training place for creatives. Courses include Adobe Premiere Pro Toolkit Vol. 1, Finishing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro, and Audio Mixing Toolkit for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors. These comprehensive courses are taught by the industry's top video and audio trainers such as Robbie Carman, Abba Shapiro, Luisa Winters, and Cheryl Ottenritter. This is not a free resource, however, each course contains a preview, one free lesson, similar to Lynda.com. Well-worth checking out!

Surfaced Studio founder Tobias published a written tutorial to accompany his insanely popular Adobe Premiere Pro for Absolute Beginners YouTube video. We all know moving pictures are worth a million words, but if you prefer the words (and some pictures) and you're looking to jump into Premiere Pro for the first time, start here! Follow Surfaced Studios on YouTube for more high quality Premiere Pro and After Effects edutainment! 

And speaking of great Surfaced Studio tutorials, here's the latest featuring Adobe Media Encoder.

Marcelo Lewin, the Digimedia Dude, launched a new tutorial series called FCP vs Premiere Pro. The purpose of this series is "not to start a war or to convince people to use one app over the other, but to provide enough information in a short period of time so that users understand how to perform similar tasks in both apps." In this first episode, Marcelo and guest host Jon Belew, an apple certified instructor, demonstrate how to set up a project in both FCPX and Premiere Pro. This tutorial lays the groundwork for a really great series. Obviously, it's very helpful for those viewers looking to make a software investment. But it also helps viewers stay sharp in both editing applications.  

In this VideoRevealed tutorial, Colin Smith shows how to create an animated Facebook Likes progress bar. The result is a progress bar that animates with a Facebook Likes counter. This is the perfect tutorial for Premiere Pro editors who experiencing a significant increase in Facebook engagement and want to show it off to the world. On a serious note, contribute to Colin's progress bar by giving the VideoRevealed Facebook page a like!

Mike Schreurs of Rocket Pencil Productions shows us how to export multiple sections or clips by marking in and out points in the Timeline and queuing exports in Adobe Media Encoder. 

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