Week in Premiere 11/30/18

Week in Premiere 11/30/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • The Best NLE According to 116 Expert Video Editors

  • 15 FREE Text and Image Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

  • 5 Tips and 5 Fixes for Premiere Pro

  • The Cutest Premiere Pro Tutorial Ever

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Premiere Pro News

The Best Video Editor For Professionals In 2018 According to 116 Industry Experts

Nov 28, 2018 — We surveyed 116 industry experts to get their take on which pro video editing software rocks, and why. —What Say The Experts

Premiere Products / Free Stuff

15 FREE Text and Image Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

Nov 26, 2018 — 15 free (or pay what you like) TEXT and IMAGE animation presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. —Orange83

TypeGEMs V2: The “Most Powerful” Titling Tool for Premiere Pro

Nov 27, 2018 — typeGEMs V2 is the most powerful titling tool for Adobe Premiere Pro. V2 is based on the Adobe After Text Engine. Use the 40 pre-built presets to get going quickly or create hundreds of your own in record time! —Roland Kahlenberg

Sapphire 2019: New Features For Adobe After Effects And Premiere Pro

Nov 29, 2018 — In this video, Nick Harauz demos the new features in Sapphire 2019 by Boris FX in both After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Stabilize Difficult Shots With Mocha Pro For Adobe Premiere Pro

Nov 26, 2018 — Learn to stabilize difficult shots in Premiere Pro. In this video tutorial, Mary Poplin walks us through Mocha's Stabilize Module using the Mocha Pro plug-in for Adobe from Boris FX. —Boris FX

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Improve Your Premiere Pro Workflow with these 5 Tips

Nov 28, 2018 — In this tutorial, Baifield shares 5 tips that will improve your editing workflow in Premiere Pro. He covers his settings for auto saving, exporting in Media Encoder, Label colors, keyboard shortcuts, and custom effect bins.

How to Use Automate to Sequence in Premiere Pro

Nov 27, 2018 — Automating audio or video to your sequence is one of the many great tools at your disposal when you begin an edit in Premiere. Edit to the beat, easily create timelapses and slideshows or fix audio pops all in one easy action. Here’s how to automate to sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro. —Pond5

5 Tips To Make You Faster in Premiere Pro

Nov 25, 2018 — In this Premiere Pro Tutorial video I take you through 5 little things that really annoy me about adobe premiere pro cc and how I have solved these issues, or at least they my be five tricks you didn't know you could do in premiere pro. —Javier Mercedes

Change Pajama Colors in Premiere Pro (The Cutest Premiere Pro Tutorial. Ever.)

Nov 29, 2018 — This is how I change color using Adobe Premiere Pro. —Stefania Lily

Premiere Rush Tutorials

How To Edit Videos With Premiere Rush!

Nov 25, 2018 — Learn how to edit videos with Premiere Rush CC in this step-by-step Adobe Rush Tutorial! —Justin Brown - Primal Video

Premiere Pro Moments

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