Week in Premiere 9/4/15

Week in Premiere 9/4/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Vinnie Hobbs on using Premiere Pro to edit "Alright"
• Joke and Biagio: Is Premiere Pro reality TV-ready?
• Exporting 2.35:1 aspect ratio in Premiere Pro
• Goodies for Premiere Pro Windows users

Tweet Of The Week. Regardless of the client or genre of your edit, Pacific Rim is the appropriate background inspiration. Dude, can you imagine dual-piloting a Premiere Pro edit suite? Submitting the feature request to Adobe now...

Premiere Pro: Reality TV-Ready. Joke and Biagio of Producing Unscripted and Joke Productions, document their journey with Adobe in getting Premiere Pro ready for their reality TV workflow. A well-written testimony of collaboration, this post highlights the strengths of Premiere Pro in a real-life reality TV setting. Included in this post is a phenomenal podcast.

Multi-Cam Syncing In Premiere Pro. The Premiumbeat blog is second-best only to the royalty free music they provide. In this post, they provide quick multi-cam syncing tips surrounding 3 video tutorials. Multi-cam editing in Premiere Pro starts with syncing, and this post is a great place to start learning how to do it.

FREE - Learn Premiere Pro On YouTube. Before investing money in a Premiere Pro video tutorial course, be sure to do a quick YouTube search. Not to knock the value and quality of paid tutorials—they're great too—there's just SO MANY great Premiere Pro tutorials available for free on YouTube. Big thanks to the generous Premiere Pro users who provide these tutorials!

Short Film Stuff: New Premiere Pro Resource And MORE. Alex Gollner a.k.a. Alex4D shared a new website with a TON of helpful filmmaking resources, not just Premiere Pro stuff. Visit the post production community and the editing/VFX/Grading training sections to find new Premiere Pro resources and communities to follow.

How To Use LUTs In Premiere Pro 2015. 4K Shooters posted a great article on using LUTs in Premiere Pro CC 2015, featuring a video tutorial by producer and colorist, Casey Faris. The video walks through applying a LUT via the new Lumetri Color panel. Link to free LUTs at the bottom of the post.

Review Your Footage. A reminder to watch every second of footage. Not just the circle takes. You never know where an idea will come from.

VideoRevealed: Leave Color Effect. Have you fallen into a system of using the same effects in Premiere Pro? Here to reveal the Leave Color effect is Colin Smith of VideoRevealed. The Leave Color effect isolates a particular color and desaturates the rest of the image. Watch the tutorial!

How To Export 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio. In this Thursday's tutorial, Corey Machado shows how to export a video with a proper 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Not to be confused with a 16:9 video with a black matte added to the top and bottom. Follow Corey and get the latest tutorial every Thursday.

Picture In Picture Tutorial. Phil Ebiner of Video School Online shared a free video on creating a picture in picture effect in Premiere Pro. If you're a student, a video tutorialist, or anyone needing to make a video presentation, check out how it's done using this method. 

Tips For Staying Organized In Premiere Pro. Daniel Bryant shows how to stay organized in Premiere Pro in a post via Layers Magazine. A lot of good tips in here for you neat freaks... which, as editors, you should all be.

Premiere Pro Goodies For Windows. According to the video demo, these looks (which look amazing) are only compatible with Windows. Only email is required.

Did you know you could export animated gifs in Premiere Pro? You can! If you're on a PC.

Even if you're not currently considering upgrading or building your own Windows workstation, keep Puget Systems in your brain pocket. This article has great PC recommendations, specifically for Premiere Pro.

Pancake Method In Premiere Pro. It's the same at the breakfast bar, who goes back to the fruit table when there's a pancake station?

Alright Vinnie Hobbs! Vinnie Hobbs shares his inspirational story of becoming the editor for the smash music video "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar. Check out this great write-up on the Premiere Pro Work Area blog of Vinnie's use of Creative Cloud apps and his approach to editing the video, which includes a pancake timeline.

Premiere Bro Rebranded Site Coming Soon. On October 1st, 2015, Premiere Bro will launch a rebranded site in honor of its one-year anniversary and, more importantly, to fulfill its new mission statement:

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