Week in Premiere 9/11/15

Week in Premiere 9/11/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Revealing the next release of Premiere Pro CC
• Premiere Pro CC 2015 9.0.2 Update
• Premiere Pro CC: "Adobe's Knockout Punch"
• PDFviewer plugin, logging with markers, keying, and more!

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Revealing The Next Release Of Premiere Pro CC. Obviously, the biggest news this week was Adobe's pre-IBC reveal of the next release of Premiere Pro CC. This new wave of creative tools will dramatically expand Premiere Pro's already industry-leading capabilities to natively work with high definition video. Stay tuned for a comprehensive Premiere Bro post on all the new features coming to Premiere Pro. Coming soon!

Not to be confused with the big reveal above; Adobe also pushed out a bug-fixing update for Premiere Pro CC 2015. This update comes "highly recommended" from Adobe. To ensure maximum stability and performance, all users should update.

Edit Faster With Custom Keyboard Shortcuts. Fstoppers shared a Premiere Pro post this week that went off the hook. Lee Morris, co-owner of Fstoppers, shows how to edit faster with his custom keyboard shortcuts, which puts the most necessary tools under the left hand. See how much time you could save with this value-rich Premiere Pro tips and tricks video.

PDFviewer For Premiere Pro Review. PDFviewer by Primal Cuts is a plugin that allows editors to open PDF files within Premiere Pro. This week, PDFviewer got an awesome shoutout from No Film School. Watch the videos provided in this great review. PDFviewer is no stranger to the Premiere Bro blog either; you can find additional PDFviewer information here.

Use Markers To Log Interviews In Premiere Pro. Logging footage is the practice of adding searchable metadata to your clips. Using Markers in Premiere Pro makes logging easier than ever. Corey Machado shows how to do this with interview footage—something that requires a lot of logging. The beginning of this tutorial says it all!

Adobe Premiere Pro's Punch. @theChrisDo describes the events that lead to Adobe Premiere Pro becoming the industry-leading production toolset that it is today. Beginning with the impact of DSLR cameras, to the polarizing release of Final Cut Pro X, this great article concludes that Adobe's KO punch was transcode-free workflows and easy round-tripping from Premiere Pro to other industry-standard applications in the Creative Cloud suite.

Filmmaking Trends And The Redefinition Of High Definition. Adobe interviews there own Bill Roberts, Senior Director of Product Management for Creative Cloud Video, who talks new  industry trends such as 4K, higher frame rates, and over-the-top video delivery services like Netflix and Amazon. Roberts goes on to say how Adobe's new wave of features is well-positioned to handle these new trends.

VideoRevealed: Black, White And Sharp. Creating a good-looking black and white image is not simply done by desaturating an image. Colin Smith of VideoRevealedwalks us through his method using a Lumetri Color effect beneath the Black and White filter in Premiere Pro.

Colin also reveals what really happens when a video is sharpened and demonstrates six sharpen effects found in Premiere Pro. These include four convolution kernels and the Sharpen and Unsharp Mask effects

Grading A Night Sky With Lumetri Color Panel. It's been a while since the last "Premiere Pro in Under 5 Minutes" tutorial. It was exciting to see Ripple Training back at it this week. Filmmaker, Abba Shapiro teaches how to enhance the look of a night sky using the color tools in the Lumetri Color panel... in under 5 minutes.

Keying Green Screen In Premiere Pro CC 2015. Stan Arthur goes through his workflow of keying a green screen interview in Premiere Pro CC 2015. Stan uses Ultra Key, a built-in Premiere Pro effect for pulling the key. Check out his technique of using two masks, one for the body and one for the head, in order to preserve as much detail in the subject's hair as possible. 

Premere Pro Feature Request: Spell Check. I see what you did there. 

Got any feature requests for Adobe? Start a petition! The more noise you can make, the more likely Adobe will hear it:

Deleting Multiple Through Edits. MediaStorm provides a simple explanation for how to remove multiple Through Edits in Premiere Pro. Through Edits occur when a clip is split but no frames are removed.

Just a reminder, the Through Edit indicators can be enabled by clicking the wrench icon in the Timeline panel.

Three-Point Editing For Smart Filmmakers. Video Mozek, a site for smart filmmakers, provides an easy-to-read three-point editing guide for beginners. Even if you're not a beginner—maybe you're an editor who needs to learn to put down the mouse—this is a great reminder of the capability and simplicity of three-point editing.

The Rebranded #WeekinPr Coming Soon! Every other weekday, until its launch on October 1st, 2015, Premiere Bro is Tweeting out its new rebranded site features. This week, Premiere Bro revealed that Week in Premiere will be expanding beyond Twitter to include posts from Facebook and Instagram. But Twitter is still the best :)

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