Week in Premiere 8/28/15

Week in Premiere 8/28/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Premiere Pro "Now You Knows"
• Legalizing color with the Video Limiter effect
• Two interviews: the origin and future of Premiere Pro
• Smosh and the Creative Cloud suite

Tweet Of The Week. This attitude. Everyday.

Premiere Pro Launch Screen Tutorials. Regardless if you're a beginner or veteran, you don't know what you don't know. Give yourself a refresher on Adobe's featured Premiere Pro tutorials. Make a coffee, open Premiere Pro, click the "Tips & Techniques" tab on the launch screen and enjoy some Premiere Pro!

Syncing In Premiere Pro. Another Corey Machado tutorial surfaced this week. In this video he demonstrates three ways to sync audio and video in Premiere Pro—everything but the kitchen sync! Be on the lookout every Thursday for new tutorials.

Legalize Color With Video Limiter Effect. Editors usually get excited when they hear "legal" when referring to color. The hope is for some effect that makes everything magically safe for broadcast without compromising the grade—this is not that. Simon Walker presents the Video Limiter effect as a complimentary filter to help keep a properly color graded edit broadcast legal.

Before And After: Two Premiere Pro Interviews. It was interesting to see these two interviews surface on Twitter in the same week; one looking at the origins of Premiere Pro and the other at its future. The first one (published back in July) with Bill Roberts, SR. Director of Product Management for Video, looks at the future of video for Adobe, which significantly involves Premiere Pro. Courtesy of Video&Filmmaker.

The second interview, with Premiere Pro developer, Randy Ubillos, looks back at how Premiere Pro came to be. Courtesy of Alex Gollner

Premiere Pro "Now You Knows". If you didn't know; now you know. Here are several simple Premiere Pro tips and tricks from this week.

VideoRevealed: Animating The Lumetri Color Panel. If you were saddened to see Colin Smith's 6-part series on breaking down the Lumetri Color panel, comfort yourselves. In this video, Colin reveals how to take your Lumetri Color grade to the next level by animating its controls.

VideoRevealed: Adobe Audition CC 2015 Ducking Template. If you didn't know, Adobe Audition CC 2015 comes with a multitrack session template called "Radio Vo with Music Ducking". Drag and drop your dialogue and music into the appropriate tracks where the Dynamics Processor effect has already been side-chained for you.

VideoRevealed: Media Cache Management. This is a useful tip as we saw just last week, when several Premiere Pro users discovered how large their media cache folders had grown. It's recommended to clean your cache files in between projects, but as Colin says, if you do, there won't be any permanent loss to your current projects. 

Edit Gameplay Videos In Premiere Pro. If I was a gamer, this would be my go-to Premiere Pro tutorial. Adam of Graphics and Beer edits a gameplay video from beginning to export. Adam is easy-to-follow and has jokes.

Bypass Lumetri Color Effects. "It's so easy, it's crazy. It's crazy easy." Erik Naso walks us through setting up the Bypass Lumetri Color Effects keyboard shortcut.

How Do You Work Faster In Premiere Pro? If you click Peter's Tweet, you'll actually see quite a few responses. Add yours and be on the look out for his post.

Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Look. "No one makes me look up my own LUT."

Smosh Uses Creative Cloud Apps. Adobe posted a great article this week on its Work Area blog, spotlighting the YouTube channel sensation, Smosh and their use of the Creative Cloud suite. Once again, we see Premiere Pro features like editing footage natively and Dynamic Link with After Effects bringing huge value to postproduction workflows.

Premiere Bro? Someone say my name? Sorry, can't help it.

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