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aescripts: Fast Camera Lens Blur for After Effects and Premiere Pro

The Fastest Blur & Glow Effect in the World for After Effects and Premiere Pro. Renders realistic camera lens blur just like the native "Camera Lens Blur" effect of Adobe After Effects but faster, way faster! In addition, it can also render glow that is generally expressed by combining several layers of blur. Fast Camera Lens Blur renders as fast as the GPU accelerated built-in lens blur effect in Premiere but with much more beautiful and realistic results. Finally you can have a fast and realistic camera blur directly in your timeline! —aescripts

Chung Dha: Youtube Subscribe Bar Promo Premiere Pro Project Template

This Project file is a Youtube Subscribe Bar to promote, help visualise or assist your viewers to subscribe to your channel and also to click the bell icon. It’s a nice visual animation to remind your viewers without being too large and in your face. This project been made in 4k on 25p sequence. This is a Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 Project which can only be opened with CC2018 or Newer version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. —Chung Dha

Envato: 11 Trending Instagram Stories Templates for Premiere Pro

Instagram Stories are a format that is rapidly growing in popularity. And brands have taken notice. Whether it’s content or the promotion of a sale, the format is being used for a lot more than sharing what you ate for lunch. But, with this new vertical video format comes some challenges. How do you create high-quality vertical video content at scale? By using motion graphics templates like these. This is our list of 11 trending Instagram Stories templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects. —Envato