Motion Array Announces Shifter—Native Premiere Pro Transitions

Motion Array members soon to receive Shifter transitions for Premiere Pro.

Motion Array doesn't stop being awesome. On the heels of re-launching with two all-new Review and Portfolio services, Motion Array has announced Shifter, a pack of native Premiere Pro transitions for their members.

Shifter Transitions for Premiere Pro

Shifter features 6 transitions: Bounce, Elastic, Stutter, Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In & Out. Watch them in action in the teaser video below.

Coming Soon! The Shifter Premiere Pro transitions are a package of native, drag and drop, transitions that are free to use for any paying member of Motion Array. Via Motion Array

What are "Native" Transitions?

When Motion Array says "native" it means Shifter transitions will function like the built-in transitions that ship with Premiere Pro. These transitions are not to be confused with effect presets or overlays. You can drag Shifter transitions from the Video Transitions folder in the Effects panel directly onto your edit points. 

Via Motion Array

Via Motion Array


Stay tuned for a Premiere Bro review of Shifter when it's released. But for now, Shifter transitions appear to be simple and quite useful. They look very practical for both title and footage transitions. 

The fact that Motion Array is offering these transitions to their members at no additional cost is phenomenal. You may want to consider joining Motion Array before they realize they could be charging a helluva lot more.

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