Week in Premiere 1/22/15

Week in Premiere 1/22/15

Premiere Pro News

It is amazing to see how the Adobe Creative Cloud video tools are changing the filmmaking industry. Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that use of Premiere Pro CC is not strictly a top-to-bottom trend. From big-time Hollywood editors to one-man-bands; everybody is using Premiere Pro! Did you know there are 175 Sundance 2016 films made with Premiere Pro CC and other Adobe Creative Cloud tools? Stunning, especially when you consider the quote below. 

... Premiere Pro CC usage at Sundance has increased 143% percent since 2015.
— Anita Engelman, Director, Product Marketing at Adobe

Click the image below to read Premiere Pro at Sundance 2016, the Premiere Bro post of curated Premiere Pro stories from Sundance 2016.

Go to Premiere Pro at Sundance 2016

Go to Premiere Pro at Sundance 2016

The Adobe Premiere Pro team doesn't always promote 3rd party products. But when they do, there's good reason for it. BeatEdit is a Premiere Pro plugin from Mathias Möhl, founder & CEO of Mamoworld. This amazing tool automates the process of adding sequence markers to the beat in a music track. Used in combination with Premiere Pro's Automate to Sequence button, BeatEdit can generate automatic edits in sync with music. BeatEdit is $99. Visit BeatEdit for Premiere Pro for more information and purchase details.

Adobe Voice is now available for iPhone. As you would guess, this app captures your voice, makes it sound great, and allows you to add visual elements with the power of Adobe's 30 years of animation and cinematography experience. Adobe Voice is an award-winning app that has been available for iPad since launching in 2014. Now, quickly create and share your story with your audience using Adobe Voice on iPhone. Download Adobe Voice free with an Adobe ID. Learn more Adobe Voice here.

For those who are shy when it comes to 3rd-party hardware and software for Premiere Pro, fear not! Videoguys provides this list of 10 products to round out your Creative Cloud subscription. Even though some of the price tags might make you sweat, this post will expose you to recommended equipment and tools compatible with Premiere Pro. Videoguys is a family owned and operated business that has proudly served videographers and producers for 30 years. Visit Videoguys.com to learn more.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro user community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Check out these helpful keyboard shortcuts shared this week.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

If only animating a bouncing ball was as easy as bouncing a ball. Jordy Vandeput from Cinecom shows you how to do it in Premiere Pro. That's right, Premiere Pro not After Effects. But this tutorial teaches so much more than just how to animate a realistic bouncing ball, which in itself is a lot to learn. It also shows how to manually adjust bezier keyframes and how to create faux motion blur inside Premiere Pro.

Karl Soule shared this Vimeo video tutorial from Collective Thought Media on how to achieve faster encode times in Premiere Pro. The key is rendering video previews in a high-quality codec that supports Smart Rendering. Exporting to the same codec, with Use Previews enabled, will drastically shorten encoding time. Watch this great tutorial to see how to set up a custom sequence and export using video previews.

Tobias of Surfaced Studio provided a video that indexes some of his past tutorials in an entertaining game-show format. It's like a video library in a video. Most of these tutorials feature visual effects done in After Effects. But thanks to the tight integration between Adobe video applications, these tutorials can benefit Premiere Pro users as well.

A hearty welcome to new Premiere Pro tutorialist Thien A. Pham of Sunrise Seagull Productions, a full-service, multi-cultural production company. Thien starts with square one, how to set up a project folder before editing. For you workflow junkies, Thien goes through his project folder structure, giving reason for his organization. Make sure your next project is set up for success and watch this tutorial.

Tutorials with GS shared two new Premiere Pro tutorials. The first shows how to use the Crop effect to create a widescreen (black bars) look. Keep in mind, this effect does not result in a widescreen aspect ratio; the exported video will still be 16:9. The second is how to animate a text underline. A simple technique that can really embellish your titles.

Adobe Premiere Pro shared this Adobe Audition blog post featuring Jason Levine leading a 90 minute Audition for Broadcast masterclass at the BVE event in London. Watch the whole session or jump to sections using the links in the post. Sections include: repairing dialogue, sending a sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition, and much more!

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