Week in Premiere 1/15/16

Week in Premiere 1/15/16

Premiere Pro News

This Week in Premiere is a little light. Seems like most of the Premiere Pro community is still making good on their New Years editing resolutions and not getting distracted by social media. To help fill the void, this first piece of news features the Premiere Bro blog post, The 2016 Premiere Pro Resource Guide, with a HUGE list of Premiere Pro tutorials, Twitter handles, blogs and groups to follow in 2016. 

Usually paid services don't make the cut for Week in Premiere. But this one deserves to be featured because it involves a topic that is probably of great interest to experienced Premiere Pro users who are looking for a new challenge: building custom plugins. This course is hosted by fxphd and is taught Bart Walczak, founder of Creative Impatience, a site with free Premiere Pro plugins. This news comes via Brady Betzel, a source from which comes much news :)

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro user community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Wistia, a video hosting site for business, has gotten on its Premiere Pro game ever since the start of 2016. This Tweet features 7 Premiere Pro tips from Margot Mazur, Community Manager for Wistia. It's a great read, well-written and easy to follow.

This Facebook conversation has some fantastic tips for optimizing dynamically linked After Effects comps in Premiere Pro. Take, for example, the second reply which suggests adding a frame hold to a dynamically linked comp for smoother playback when it's not critical to see any animation. This conversation took place in a closed group, names have been omitted to prtoect privacy.

Optimize Dynamic Link comps in Premiere Pro

Did you know that Premiere Pro has a motion blur effect? OK, so it's not call "motion blur", but the Transform effect has a shutter angle parameter, which can be used to achieve motion blur. This tip comes from another Facebook conversation. Again, names have been omitted to protect privacy.

How to add motion blur in Premiere Pro

Typically, I don't like to feature Premiere Bro in Week in Premiere, but like I said above, just filling a void here. This tip highlights a new Premiere Bro Instagram initiative. Every Tuesday, Premiere Bro will post a Premiere Pro #TipTuesday photo on Instagram. These will mostly be keyboard shortcuts, but they will also feature simple workflow tips as well. Kicking it off is the key to all keyboard shortcuts.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Here's some hot Optical Flow tips from James Strawn, an Adobe Software Quality Engineer. This video comes via a Tweet from Dave Helmly, Sr. Manager World Wide Technical Field Team Pro Video. Mentioning both of these guys' titles is a long way to say they know what they're talking about!

This week, Adobe Premiere Pro shared a web page with all the necessary info for editing GoPro video. Included are 4 videos demonstrating importing, color correcting, removing lens distortion, and exporting video for the web. 

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