Week in Premiere 8/10/18

Week in Premiere 8/10/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Close Look at Adobe's New LA Office and Editing Suite

  • Editing with Program Monitor Drop Zones in Premiere Pro

  • First-Ever UK TV Spot with Woman Shaving Hair

  • 4 Little-Known Effects in Premiere Pro

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Crazy RGB Swirl Transition Free Preset [Premiere Pro]

Crazy RGB Swirl Transition Free Preset [Premiere Pro] —Eric Duwel

Premiere Pro Tutorials

E36 - The Essentials Sound Panel (Sound Mixing) - Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

In this episode, I show how to do sound mixing and sweetening in Premiere Pro with the essential sound panel. —chinfat

A Premiere Pro Quicktip I Can’t Believe I Never Thought Of


Here at the Editblog we love Quicktips and have run whole months of them over the years and even invited readers to play along. Just the other day I came across a little Quicktip while working in Adobe Premiere Pro that was one of those I cannot believe I never thought of this until now moments. —Scott Simmons, ProVideo Coalition

Awesome Playboi Carti Like Butterfly Transform Effect! (Adobe Premiere Pro)

After dropping the Nate Nixen Me No Mo video you guys were requesting some tutorials on this awesome freeze frame butterfly morph effect ! This can actually be done really easily within premiere and the resulting look is super awesome, ENJOY! —Max Novak

2 Transitions I Use The Most (Premiere Pro Tutorials)

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, Nikko Hunt shares his two most commonly used transitions: the Luma Fade and Brightness Transition.

You are beautifully intelligent human beings. Please feel free to stop the video when you needs. —Nikko Hunt

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Week in Premiere 8/17/18

Week in Premiere 8/17/18

Week in Premiere 8/3/18

Week in Premiere 8/3/18