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Chung Dha: Color Correction with RGB Curves in Premiere Pro

In this video tutorial I am showing how to do color corrections with RGB Curves, which is the least heavy of the color correction effects and quite easy to understand and faster to correct than with 3 color wheel and more precise than fast color correction effect. Also this tutorial is for the users of the older Premiere Pro CC and CS as the latest CC2017 got Lumetri Color which can easily color correct and grade with. —Chung Dha

Orange83 and Premiere Gal: How to Create, Import and Edit Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro

Part 1: How to Create a Social Media .mogrt in Premiere Pro CC 2017

In this video learn how to design a motion graphics template in Premiere Pro and export it as a .mogrt file. —Premiere Gal

Part 2: How to Import and Edit a Motion Graphics Template (.MOGRT) file in the Essential Graphics Panel

Learn how to import a Motion Graphics Template (.MOGRT FILE) in the Essential graphics panel. —Orange83