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What is Premiere Bro?

Premiere Bro is the Premiere Pro User Blog and Fansite. It's the No.1 site for Premiere Pro content. Premiere Bro exists to enrich the Premiere Pro editing experience and user community, and it does so by informing and inspiring video creators with original and curated Premiere Pro content. Here are three associations to help you understand Premiere Bro, and get a feel for the tone of the site.

Premiere Bro is...

the Motionographer of Premiere Pro

Premiere Bro has been curating and sharing Premiere Pro content for years. It’s a place for Premiere Pro users to be inspired by one another. Submit your Premiere Pro content for consideration to be published and seen by thousands of Premiere Pro peers.


the Jimmy Fallon of Premiere Pro

Premiere Bro wants everyone to look good. Whether it’s a tutorial, interview or product review, Premiere Bro only highlights the best qualities. There’s plenty of negativity on the internet; Premiere Bro keeps it positive.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

the Dude Perfect of Premiere Pro

Premiere Bro is a fansite. It’s all about getting video creators pumped up about Premiere Pro. If you are a Premiere Pro user, then Premiere Bro is your bro. Pound it 👊


Who is Premiere Bro?

Premiere Bro is run by a Premiere Pro just like you. But if you have to know, click here for my bio.