Week in Premiere 9/25/15

Week in Premiere 9/25/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• How to Save Lumetri Color presets
• "Ripple Delete All" in Premiere Pro
• Two ways to restore audio/video sync
• Rebranded Premiere Bro site launches next Thursday

Tweet Of The Week. The industry-leading production toolset is $50/mo (annual price). What pennies will you pinch?

How To Save Lumetri Color Presets. Premiumbeat strikes again with a Saving Lumetri Color Presets tutorial via Caleb Ward. It's a simple tip but, as always, PremiumBeat makes it look so good. Creating both project-specific and non-project-specific Lumetri Color presets is a huge time saver when it comes time to grade.

Legal Luma And Chroma Levels. Speaking of color correction and grading, Simon Walker updated his Legal Luma and Chroma Levels in Premiere Pro CC 2015 post to include a new export feature coming to both Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. Hint: it's the Video Limiter effect. 

"Ripple Delete All" In Premiere Pro. Tobias of Surfaced Studio shares a workaround for performing a "Ripple Delete All" in Premiere Pro. Keep this tip in your pocket for when it's time to clean up a stringout of select clips. Surfaced Studio is one of the best channels for "edutainment" videos—tutorials that are fun to watch. Be sure to subscribe for the latest Premiiere Pro and After Effects videos from Tobias...and Walter

How To Fade Multi-Layered Clips To Black. Ending on black can be a bit of a head-scratcher in Premiere Pro, particularly when it's a multi-track project with layered clips. Here's an interesting Twitter conversation that began with @comebackshane:

Again, the issue arrises with multi-layered clips. Adding dissolves, even with identical durations, reveals clips on lower tracks as clips above them become transparent.

Here are workarounds to getting multiple clips to end on black:

Move Or Slip Clips Back Into Sync. Those time sync indicators aren't just there to make you feel bad about being out of sync. 

Did you know those indicators are buttons? Clicking them reveals two options for restoring sync. Colin Smith of VideoRevealed demonstrates this obscure feature. VideoRevealed publishes Premiere Pro tutorials more consistently than any other channel. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything!

Trim And Ripple Edit Tools. Video Mozek shows how to use the Trim and Ripple Edit tools in this easy-to-follow tutorial. This is the perfect place to start if  these terms or tools are new to you.

Rebranded Premiere Bro Site Next Thursday! This is one of the final reminders for the rebranded Premiere Bro site launch! There will be no Week in Premiere next Friday(10/2/15) to allow more time preparing for launch, Thursday, October 1st, 2015. Thanks for your patience and understanding and hope you enjoy the new site! Check out the list of new rebranded Premiere Bro site features.

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