Week in Premiere 8/7/15

Week in Premiere 8/7/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Lumetri Color workflows
• The point of the Pen tool
• Syncing Audio and Video
• Editing Vertical Video?!

Tweet Of The Week. Whenever I begin a new project with clients, they always compliment my choice of air freshener for my suite. I just smile.

Lumetri Color Panel: Correction And Grading. It might be impossible for a video tutorial to cover the Lumetri Color panel and it's creative uses in its entirety. But this video is as close as it gets. Channing Lowe of YouTube channel chin fat explains at length, the ins-and-outs of everyone's favorite new Premiere Pro feature. Thanks to No Film School for sharing. It got a lot of Twitter love!

Official Lumetri Color Workflows Help Page. Have a look at the official Color workflows page on the Adobe Premiere Pro Help site. It's a comprehensive yet simplified breakdown of the new Lumetri Color features in Premiere Pro CC 2015. If you are new to color correction and want to learn on the most powerful and user friendly color tools in an NLE, bookmark this page as your go-to reference!

6 Steps To Stay Organized In Premiere Pro. If you don't have the privilege of working with an Assistant Editor, you know media management and organization is half the job when it comes to editing. This blog post by RocketStock presents 6 steps to help get your project started correctly. Get a pad of stickies cause the step 6 is good ol' analog paper and ink.

Track Matte Key And Title Tool Revealed. It's time to dust off the Track Matte Key effect and put it to work in your next edit. Colin Smith of VideoRevealed serves up a sweet tutorial on stylizing footage with track mattes. The best part of this tutorial is it reveals creative ways of using Premiere Pro's Title tool to create custom matte shapes based on your clips.

Colin also demonstrates bezier keyframes in on both audio and video clips. Did you know you can select multiple audio or video keyframes with the Pen tool? Very convenient!

Pen Tool: Creating Custom Masks On Effects. Continuing with the Pen tool, Alex of Video Upskill shows how use it to create custom masks for effects in the effects control panel. Short and sweet, the "point" of this Pen tool tutorial will come in handy when color correcting skies in exterior shots, as you'll see in the video.

Syncing Audio In Premiere Pro. It was a happy day when Premiere Pro provided a built-in way to sync audio without third party apps. 

In this tutorial, Joel Smith walks us through the process of syncing audio and video using the built-in multicam feature in Premiere Pro CC. This is an innovative approach to syncing multiple video clips to a single audio clip by creating a multicam timeline as opposed to individually syncing each video clip to the audio clip. See if this fits in your workflow.

After Effects Templates In Premiere Pro. Greg Cervall of 5Formation in France, came out with this visually polished tutorial on exploiting the uses of Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects. It's a FANTASTIC video for those all-in-one editors responsible for the edit as well as motion graphics. This is the english version of the tutorial; it uses an automated voice. Not that there's anything wrong with that :)

Go Tell An Editor, "I Love Hue". Imagine describing Adobe Hue to a professional editor even just 3 years ago... If you haven't yet played with Adobe Hue, try out it!

Editing Vertical In Premiere Pro. Bit of self-promotion here. Honored to have a post shared by Adobe Premiere Pro. Even if you're like most filmmakers and not a believer in vertical video, the fact is, it's here to stay unless mobile devices become exclusively horizontal. Advertisers would be absolutely remiss to ignore this channel of customer consumption. However, this blog post offers 4 ways of creatively conforming vertical video into landscape. Hope it helps!

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