Week in Premiere 8/21/15

Week in Premiere 8/21/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Premiere Service Announcement: Clean Your Cache
• New Product: Open PDFs in Premiere Pro with PDFviewer
• Working with titles in Premiere Pro
• Edit to a beat

Premiere Service Announcement: Clean Your Premiere Pro Media Cache. Here's a friendly reminder to clean your Premiere Pro media cache files when you're in between projects. Follow this great how-to by Scott Simmons.

Happy Rant: Lumetri Color Panel. This post resonated with a lot of Premiere Pro users on Twitter. And for good reason. The amount of shares this article received is indicative of the Lumetri Color panel delivering on what it said it would. Be sure to check out the Premiere Bro guide to the Lumetri Color panel, featuring all the best YouTube tutorials.

Timeline From Dubai. If you look closely, you can see Tom Cruise running down the Burj Khalifa...

Audio Mixing In Premiere Pro And Audition. In this week's episode of Phanta Media's Let's Learn Premiere Pro (#LLPP), Kyle Wilson shows some audio finishing techniques inside Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. The blog post also includes a free Audition template that has a side chain already setup to automatically duck your music behind dialogue.

Edit To Music Track In Premiere Pro. Speaking of music, Corey Machado re-jumpstarted his YouTube channel with two fresh Premiere Pro tutorials. In the easy-to-watch tutorial below, Corey demonstrates a fast and fun technique for editing to a beat. Crank the volume!

Working With Subtitles In Premiere Pro. Here's a heart warming story about a successful workaround. Austin Flack Tweeted the valid frustration of not being able to change instances of title clips on the timeline without changing the "master" title file. He demonstrates in the Vimeo link below.

To which, Al Mooney also replied:

Resulting in the following workaround shared by Austin Flack:

This interaction is the perfect example of the online Premiere Pro community coming together to solve a problem. Let's make this happen more often!

New Product: PDFviewer Opens PDFs In Premiere Pro. Primal Cuts stepped on stage yesterday with a new Twitter handle and new product. PDFviewer is an extension that allows Premiere Pro users to open PDFs inside the Premiere Pro interface. This means PDFs can be docked into your Premiere Pro workspace and save you countless hours shuffling papers or switching apps to get to your script, shot log, or other production notes. It's brilliantly simple, intuitive, and Premiere Bro recommended. Visit the Primal Cuts site and watch the two videos for more information, tips, and tricks.

VideoRevealed: Lumetri Color Panel. Colin Smith of VideoRevealed is by far-and-away the most active Premiere Pro tutorialist on YouTube. Colin turns out up to 3 or 4 top-quality tutorials a week! This week he finishes his fantastic 6-part series on the Lumetri Color panel (many of them featured in this Lumetri Color panel post). Be sure to watch them all!

5 Ways To Stay Organized In Premiere Pro. Proof of a good editor can always be seen in the Project window. Caleb Ward via RocketStock presents 5 Premiere Pro tools that will improve organization and project management. Producers and directors like working with organized editors. Just sayin'.

Best Keyboard Shortcut. Any contenders?

How-To: Timecode In Premiere Pro. User Hery Ansiari was the first to share this new Daniel Bryant tutorial via the Layers Magazine. Check out several ways to apply timecode to your next editing project.

Premiere InaPropriate.

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