Week in Premiere 8/14/15

Week in Premiere 8/14/15

This Week In Premiere

• Breaking down the Lumetri Color panel
• Premiere Clip to Premiere Pro workflow
• Creating garbage mattes, bars and tone, and more
• New ideas for Adobe products
• Making smart decisions

Tweet Of The Week. Now make smart decisions everyday!

Like this guy.

New Let's Learn Premiere Pro (#LLPP). The Let's Learn Premiere Pro tutorials by Kyle Wilson has been merged into the Phanta Media blog. In this episode, Kyle shows how to quickly fix audio issues such as background noise. Be sure to subscribe to Kyle's YouTube channel as well as the Phanta Media blog for more great content.

Open In Source Monitor Shortcut. Load media or sequences in the source monitor with this keyboard shortcut. Great hot key. Try it.

Adobe Queue. Here's a Tweet that went viral (viral for a post production Tweet). Stu Maschwtiz of Prolost proposed an idea for a new Adobe product that resonated with some folks: an app that notifies After Effects and Premiere Pro users of render statuses. Pretty cool, right? Call it Adobe Queue! You heard it here first.

Breaking Down The Lumtri Color Panel Series. A very informative 6-part series by Colin Smith of VideoRevealed on the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro CC 2015. In part 1, Colin walks through the Basic Correction tab, which includes the Input LUT menu and Tone adjustments. Click the links below to watch parts 2 & 3 and subscribe to his channel to get alerts for more videos in this series. 

Breaking down the Lumetri Color panel - Part 2 of 6

Breaking down the Lumetri Color panel - Part 3 of 6

Mega Pancake Timeline. Check out this pancake timeline! Nick Montgomery of Merc Media didn't even share this timeline on Tuesday and people loved it! Now, let's see if he'll replace that old Twitter banner of his with this fine piece of timeline :)

Nick shared the following Tweet a couple hours after his pancake timeline; it's safe to say this shortcut was probably used in its assembly. Scott Simmons has a great article on these—what he thinks are the most important shortcuts in Premiere Pro. Read the trimming keyboard shortcuts article at Pro Video Coalition.

Creating Garbage Mattes In Premiere Pro CC. This one is reaching into last week but it's impossible not to share. Stan Arthur shows how to create a garbage matte using Premiere Pro's masking capabilities under the Opacity settings in the Effect Controls panel. A welcome step up from the 8-point, 16-point, and 173-point masks of the past.

And don't forget, those garbage mattes can track with your footage! Impressive. Nathan Rodger says so.

Most Musical. To those about to rock, we salute you.

Creating Bars, Tone, Etc. In Premiere Pro. Your Art Director, Kenton Smith brought another Layer's Magazine Premiere Pro tutorial to Twitter this week. In this video, Daniel Bryant walks through some of the elements in the New Item menu and demonstrates their functionality.

Black, White, And Reverb All Over. Have a video that needs some B&W and reverb? Jonathan of Adobeasy shows how in this short and sweet tutorial. Check out the Adobeasy YouTube channel for more Premiere Pro videos.

Premiere Bae. A lot of editors have more-than-professional relationships with Premiere Pro. More than you would guess.

Flipped Color Workspace. Bet you never saw the Lumtri Color panel on the left side of the screen? Collin says he keeps workspace in Premiere Pro very similar to his After Effects workspace. Food for thought. 

Premiere Clip To Premiere Pro Workflow. Gary Bettan at VideoGuys shared this curated tutorial on sending iPhone video to Premiere Pro via Premiere Clip. Still haven't played with Premiere Clip? It's one of those things where you won't realize all it's possibilities until you try it. Sure, you probably won't use this on a feature film, but for social media, documentaries, and live events? Yup.

Speaking of editing iPhone video, what if you made the "mistake" of shooting portrait-style? No worries. Check out this post on the Premiere Clip blog for creative ways to get your vertical video back to landscape.

Premiere, Bro. I can't resist anytime I see my name.

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