Week in Premiere 7/24/15

Week in Premiere 7/24/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Free Premiere Pro webinar with Richard Harrington
• Finding shots in a Premiere Pro project
• UI appearance is everything
• Gud Premiere Pro vibes

Sweet Suite. VRRRRR. Zing! Pew, pew, pew... BOOM!

Find Gaps In Your Premiere Pro Timeline. In this how-to, 4K Shooters effectively removes frame gaps in an edit. This method will save lots of time and frustration when it comes to flash frames in edits with long renders times.

Export And Print Keyboard Shortcuts. Jonny Elwyn via PremiumBeat walks through the process of printing keyboard shortcuts using the Copy to Clipboard feature.

Find A Shot In Premiere Pro Project. Here's the easiest way to find a shot in a Premiere Pro project. Jonny Elwyn drops more knowledge via PremiumBeat. These guys are on a serious roll with the Premiere Pro tips!

Adjust Premiere Pro UI Appearance. @scottseibold reminds Premiere Pro users they can adjust the background UI color of their favorite NLE. Premiere Pro CC 2015 offers even more UI adjustment controls in the Appearance tab under Preferences. See below.


Free Premiere Pro Webinar. If you missed the live webinar, Adobe Video World has made it available to watch for free! Richard Harrington reveals many "hidden gems" in Premiere Pro CC 2015. 30 minutes of must-watch Premiere Pro goodness!

Premiere Pro CC 2015 New Features Review. Oliver Peters of Digitalfilms offers his review of the new features in Premiere Pro CC 2015. Shared by Gary Bettan at VideoGuys.

Upgrading A 4K Edit Suite From Mac To PC. Mike Pecci, a Premiere Pro user, narrates a thrilling journey of updating his Mac edit suite... to a PC!? Well written with loads of information, check out Mike's reasons for choosing PC over Mac. Definitely bookmark his page if you plan on upgrading your computer in the future.

Hot Text In Premiere Pro CC 2015 Revealed. Colin Smith shows how to adjust values in the Effect Controls panel using arrow keys! This capability is a much welcomed feature in Premiere Pro CC 2105. Be sure to check out Colin's YouTube channel for more Premiere Pro tutorials.

Creating Titles With Motion And Tracking. Let's Learn Premiere Pro (#LLPP) is a new Premiere Pro tutorial series by Kyle Wilson. In this episode Kyle demonstrates how to add motion to your titles with transitions, keyframes, and motion tracking in After Effects. Kyle creates Premiere Pro tutorials by request, so take advantage of that!

Longest Render Ever. "With great render time comes great (ir)responsibility."

Adobe Video World Discount. Get an early bird discount on Adobe Video World using the promo code below. This conference features a stellar lineup of Premiere Pro and After Effects speakers from around the world. If you can make it, make it happen.

Gud Vibes. "He looked and saw all He had made and, behold, it was very gud." 

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