Week in Premiere 7/17/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Plugin compatibility with Premiere Pro CC 2015
• Premiere Pro tutorials! 3 new series
• Adobe Stock and Premiere Pro
• The Edward Scissorhand Tool

Premiere Pro CC 2015 Plugin Compatibility. Does your Premiere Pro workflow rely on plugins? Be cautious; all plugins are not yet compatible with CC 2015. Toolfarmprovides a comprehensive list of popular plugins and their compatibility status with Premiere Pro CC 2015. 

New Color Correction Blog Series. Jason Bowdach is a talented colorist and online editor, as well as an active contributor to the postproduction community on Twitter. Be on the lookout for his new "Color Correction Round Trip Guide" blog series starting with Premiere Pro. 

The Edward Scissorhand Tool. The face of an editor...

New Hashtag; New Premiere Pro Tutorials. Kyle Edward Wilson's "Let's Learn Premiere Pro" (#LLPP) is underway with 2 great episodes. This week he shows how Premiere Pro's cache files can interfere with clip audio. As seen last Week in Premiere, Kyle is making Premiere Pro tutorials by request. So send him yours! Subscribe to Kyle Edward Wilson's YouTube channel for more "Let'e Learn Premiere Pro" tutorials.

Revert Premiere Pro CC 2014 Project File To Premiere Pro CC 2015. So you opened a CC 2014 prproj file in Premiere Pro CC 2015, made changes, and then decided to go back to CC 2014. Impossible? False! Thanks to Cinetic Studios for the solution. Here's how:

Premiere Pro Tutorials Under 5 Minutes. This week Ripple Training released the pilot for their new "Premiere Pro in Under 5 Minutes" tutorial series. They kick it off with a great demonstration of the new Libraries panel in Premiere Pro CC 2015. Fast and to-the-point—Premiere Bro likes! Subscribe to the Ripple Training YouTube channel for more Premiere Pro tutorials under 5 minutes.

Adobeasy Premiere Pro Tutorials. Adobeasy is back and re-jumpstarting its Premiere Pro tutorials. Are you a video gamer? Are you using screen recording software? Watch the video below to learn how to sync audio to a video with a variable frame rate using Handbrake. Subscribe to Adobeasy's YouTube Channel for more Premiere Pro tutorials.

Morph Cut To Speed Up Interview Clips. Got a slow and static interview clip? Speed it up with Morph Cut! Great tip for corporate video interviews!

Adobe Stock And The Libraries Panel. Kevin P. McAuliffe (via Doddle) highlights the new Adobe Stock integration inside the Libraries panel in Premiere Pro CC 2015. It's a wonderfully simplified way of working with stock elements.

Premiere Pro Sound Advice. Good audio is all in the fine details and Casey Faris brings the finest in this tutorial. Casey demonstrates the use of sound effects, Multiband Compressor, and dialogue EQ—all inside Premiere Pro. Subscribe to Casey's YouTube channel for more Premiere Pro tutorials.

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