Week in Premiere 7/10/15

Week in Premiere 7/10/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

This was an exciting week with a lot of activity from several Premiere Pro thought leaders. See what's new in Premiere Pro CC 2015 with:

• Richard Harrington
• Jonny Elwyn
• Terry White
• reTooled

Premiere Pro Tweet Of The Week.

Best Use Of 30 Minutes. Time to start digging into the full capability of Premiere Pro 2015! Who better to do it with than Richard Harrington? Register for this free 30 minute webinar! 

Best Premiere Pro CC 2015 Reviews. No matter how many "What's new in Premiere Pro CC 2015" videos come out, no two are the same. This week, Two Adobe evangelists / tutorialists added their reviews of the new Premiere Pro CC 2015 features. Richard Harrington uniquely highlights the new captions functionality at 3:38.

Terry White nicely demonstrates Adobe Hue CC starting at 4:45.

The guys at reTooled.net get up close and personal with the Lumetri Color panel. Watch how the Lumetri Color panel can be used to maximize the value of Color reTooled at 12:50.

Best New Post. Jonny Elwyn published a Premiere Pro CC 2015 page with an exceptionally robust collection of feature demonstrations and tutorials. It's one of the most comprehensive posts on Premiere Pro CC 2015. Check it out and get this on Jonny's top 5 pages list!

Most Likely A Fire Hazard. Try the fried eggs at the Dynamic Link Cafe. They have a great balance of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and protein. 

Featured Feature: Eyedropper. This little eyedropper icon has brought so much happiness to Premiere Pro editors. Love you little guy.

Best Survey Ever. This cloud storage survey was fun. You can answer using keyboard shortcuts; took me 60 seconds. I must have answered everything right because Adobe wants a phone interview— Just kidding, it's an option you can sign up for.

#TimelineTuesday FTW. Editor Vinnie Hobbs is in the driver's seat behind this epic timelapse featuring some solid pancake timeline editing action. Follow him on Twitter @vinniehobbs. I'd be curious to know how long this session was—saw one email check, but this guy didn't get on social media once! Nice work!

Best Workflow. This isn't Premiere Pro CC 2015 but a lot of these workflow principles apply to Premiere Pro editing in general. Well worth the watch. If you don't recognize Mike Russell's voice, you need to familiarize yourself with his Adobe Audition tutorials. Now.

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