Week in Premiere 5/29/15

Week in Premiere 5/29/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• #AskAPro with colorist Robbie Carman
• Premiere Pro priorities
• "Secrets of the Media Browser"
• Sound advice

Tweet of the Week. And people still talk about which NLE is best... SMH.

Most Helpful. If you haven't yet visited Jonny Elwyn's page, "Tutorials for Better Editing in Premiere Pro," now is the time. After reading this gold mine of info, the only thing you don't walk away with is a college degree. 

In my opinion, the Media Browser is one of the most forgotten, most underutilized panels of Premiere Pro. Tutorial mastermind, Larry Jordan, spills the beans in this great video.

Most Thought Provoking. I can't yet think of a reason to have this feature. But I want it.

Probably will never happen. But still...

Best Looking. A very cool technique for your next time-lapse.

Best Upgrade. How much pro could a premiere pro go, if a premiere pro could go pro?

Most Sound Advice. There's no reason not to use the built-in Loudness Radar if you're an editor doing sound mixing.

Most Prioritized. 7) Repeat.

Most Resolution. For those wondering if Premiere Pro can handle your next 4K project... 4K was so last week.

Most Committed. What the?!? That's my wife!

@AdobeCCVideo/Audio. Can't get enough of the #AskAPro series! Not only does colorist, Robbie Carmen give a personal background and approach to color, he gives an in-depth look at the new color tools coming in the next version of Creative Cloud! Such a tease but so worth the watch!

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