Week in Premiere 5/22/15

Week in Premiere 5/22/15

This Week in Premiere Pro

• "Bro Tips" with Freddie Wong and Corridor Digital
• Creative Cloud is the best NLE
• Jason Levin at NAB 2015
• Health tips

Tweet of the Week. BRO TIPS! Freddie Wong and Corridor Digital give one of the most practical Premiere Pro presentations. Period. Plus, Freddie shares his personal editing philosophy and professional perspective. Alliteration aside, this is a must watch for Premiere Pro editors. Priceless.

Best Kept Audio Secret: Check out this sneak peek to see how Audition will be even more integrated with Premiere Pro in the next version of Creative Cloud.

Most Helpful. A double stack pancake timeline? Pass the syrup.

Honestly, it's the little things that can distinguish you as an editor. Tips via Jonny Elwyn.

Best Workstation. This could be an Unsplash.com photo.

Gamechanger. "The game has changed." How will you use adjustment layers in your next edit?

Most Healthy. A good reminder for editors to take short breaks to play outside. Your creative mind will thank you...

...and don't forget to feed your stomach...

...and stay hydrated.

Most Thought Provoking. What you edit with doesn't make you an editor. It's not about Premiere Pro, Avid or Final Cut Pro... 
It's about Creative Cloud!

@AdobePremiere. In case you missed it; Jason Levin's NAB 2015 presentation of the new Premiere Pro is good watch.

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