Week in Premiere 10/9/15

Week in Premiere 10/9/15

This Week In Premiere Pro:

• Adobe MAX 2015
• Premiere Pro Instagram Tutorials
• Premiere Pro Fall 2015 Update
• Extruded Type, Opacity Presets, White Balancing, And More!

Adobe MAX 2015

Here are just a few highlights from this week's Adobe MAX 2015 event. For wannabe attendees, you can read Premiere Bro'sAdobe MAX 2015 Online reviews here. For full replays visit MAX Online.

Premiere Pro News

The new Mac OS "El Capitan" was released this week and it does not play nice with Premiere Pro. Ian Robinson shared the official Premiere Pro blog announcement. Hopefully, you were not one of the early El Capitan adopters who learned this the hard way. Remember—always practice safe updating, especially with ongoing projects. This applies to Adobe updates as well!

Check out the Cinema5D review of the new features coming to Premiere Pro this fall. Get your geek on with a 26-minute video demo with Dave Helmly that includes the new Optical Flow time interpolation, Adobe Audition Remix, and exporting to h.265.

An interesting discovery by Dave Dugdale, the Saturation sliders in the Lumetri Color panel appear to distort or bend color hues as they saturate. Dave shows this using the Lumetri scopes in Premiere Pro and compares the results with Speedgrade's saturation. Please take the time to verify this for yourself.

Premiere Pro Puns

Aaaaah it's so nice when it's all tidied up ✨ #premierepro #tetris #adobe #timeline #editing #musicvideo

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Premiere Pro tutorials from this week include:

  • 2 Premiere Pro Instagram tutorials
  • Quickly white balance using the Fast Color Corrector
  • Extruded type effects
  • Creating opacity presets
  • Syncing audio in Premiere Pro CC

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