Week in Premiere 10/28/16

This Week in Premiere Pro:

  • Apple and Microsoft Events
  • New Red Giant and Digital Anarchy Products
  • Beginner Tutorials for Premiere Pro
  • So Many Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe MAX is next week! For those that can't attend. Follow along on the MAX Online page. Don't forget to sign up for a reminder.

Premiere Pro News

This was a huge week in technology. Apple revealed the new MacBook Pro featuring the new Touch Bar. The day before that, Microsoft introduced the new Surface family along with the new Surface Dial. The only thing that would have completed this perfect triad is the next release of Creative Cloud with Touch Bar and Surface Dial integration. With Adobe MAX around the corner, it would be no surprise if the release Creative Cloud happened soon. But, when will Touch Bar and Surface Dial support come to Premiere Pro CC — that's the question.

Speaking of future technology, read Alex Gollner's two cents on which NLE is best positioned for the future of video distribution. (Alex is a FCP X plugin developer and thought leader, so there may be some bias in his prediction. That said, Premiere Bro is no arbiter of objectivity either.) I would only add that the ever-increasing integration of Creative Cloud applications also needs to be taken into account when predicting the future of Premiere Pro CC.

Premiere Pro Tips

Label colors are great for organizing your footage in the Project panel and Timeline. Good tip from Lixi Studios.

YouTuber Tubby Emu shares his number one reason for editing in Premiere Pro. Well said.

Derek Lieu to the rescue when it comes to sliding a clip without moving any keyframes.

Advance Warp Stabilizer tip from Chris Colton. After Effects offers more control over Warp Stabilizer's analysis.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

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