Week in Premiere 10/16/15

Week in Premiere 10/16/15

This Week In Premiere Pro

• Walter Murch Speaks Openly About The NLE Market And Premiere Pro
• Interview With Deadpool Director Tim Miller
• 5 Tips I Wish I Knew About Premiere Pro
• 4 Color Gradient Effect

Premiere Pro News

A lot of Premiere Pro users are still posting questions related to the Mac OS X El Capitan compatibility issue. This is a friendly reminder: DO NOT UPDATE! More information here: Premiere Pro Issues Updating To El Capitan.

Walter Murch, Academy award-winning editor and sound mixer, speaks openly in this interview about changes in the NLE market (*cough FCPX!) and about his reasons for choosing to go with Adobe Premiere Pro. This interview isn't about bashing Apple. Walter Murch is part philosopher and he presents a very well-informed perspective of the NLE landscape, much to the credit of Premiere Pro. SPOILER ALERT: One of the reasons that influenced Walter towards Adobe was their engineering teams and their speed to market with Premiere Pro.

The Tim Miller (dir. Deadpool) interview from Adobe MAX 2015 is now available to watch on demand. 

PDFviewer, a useful extension for opening PDF files within Premiere Pro, continues to gain recognition with a new review byOliver Peters. He provides a concise and informative summary of the function and benefit of this powerful and affordable tool.

Premiere Pro Puns

A Lot of Premiere Pro love this week. We got a Tweet saying "Bruh Premiere Pro is bae" and Tweet from Bruh saying "Premiere Pro is bae". Can't make this up.

Just keep it in the edit suite...

It doesn't prevent cavities but neither do those strips...

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Filmmaker Jordan Dueck shares some not-so-typical Premiere Pro tips in this well-presented tutorial.

Ever use the 4 Color gradient effect in Premiere Pro? You'll wish you had after this tutorial. Very cool possibilities.

Award-winning music video editor Vinnie Hobbs shared this handy timeline navigation tip:

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