Week in Premiere 9/7/18

Week in Premiere 9/7/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • The Ultimate Lumetri Color Workflow Guide

  • Review of Premiere Handy Tools for Premiere Pro

  • 3 Ways to Optimize Premiere Pro's Performance

  • Create Hand-Painted Titles in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Products / Free Stuff

New Effect Plugins from Motion Array: Stretch and Long Shadow

On the heels of Shifter transitions, Motion Array released two new effect plugins for Premiere Pro: Stretch and Long Shadow. Give your text and titles professional-grade stretch and shadow effects with drag-and-drop simplicity. Motion Array plugins are free for members and can only be used with an active subscription. Both effects are GPU-accelerated.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Apply Light Streaks to Highlights in Premiere Pro

Sep 3, 2018 — In this quick 5min Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial I am teaching you how to achieve a Light Streak Filter Effect inside of Premiere Pro. This effect is very useful for Dream Sequences, Flash Backs or even adapt it to become Anamorphic Light Streaks. Benefit of doing this effect is post instead of using an Streak filter or just a finishing wire in front of your lens while filming, is that this can be removed and also can be altered in many ways including the color, angle, size and strength of the streaks. —Chung Dha

Here's a cool look! In this tutorial, Chung Dha will teach you how to isolate highlights with a Luma Key and create light streaks with the Directional Blur effect in Premiere Pro. He also uses the Lumetri Color effect to add color to the light streaks. This effect is applied to a duplicate version of the clip and composited with a Screen blend mode. The nice thing about this effect is it can be as extreme or subtle as you want. Increase or decrease the Opacity of the duplicated clip with the effects to adjust the intensity of the light streaks.

DIY Paint Titles in Premiere Pro

Sept 5, 2018 — In this tutorial, Chestnut Edits explains how he created a painted title using actual paint. He painted the title on green paper and then used the Ultra Key effect in Premiere Pro to key out the paper.

Even though you never even see Premiere Pro in this tutorial. In this video, Chestnut Edits takes a DIY approach to creating real painted titles in Premiere Pro. When we say DIY, we mean Chestnut takes you from store-to-store, picking up the necessary materials to create hand-painted titles. The titles are painted on a sheet of green paper, which is keyed out using the Ultra Key effect in Premiere Pro. Of course, this clever technique can be used to create all kinds of graphics and textures, not just titles!

Premiere Pro Moments

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