Week in Premiere 8/19/16

Week in Premiere 8/19/16

This Week in Premiere Pro:

  • The Making of "MAKE" in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Swiss Army Man Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Master the Wrench Settings in Premiere Pro
  • How to Create Captions in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro News

Filmmaker and futurist, Maxim Jago, launched the Kickstarter for his new film Jolie's Garden, a psychological thriller about blind girl living in an underground garden... except she doesn't know she's blind or the garden is artificial.

Maxim is an Adobe Master Trainer and a familiar voice behind many Adobe and Lynda tutorials. The reason Jolie's Garden is featured here in Week in Premiere is you can expect it to generate lots of helpful Premiere Pro content, including here on the Premiere Bro blog. Stay tuned for an interview with Maxim on the post-production workflow of Jolie's Garden.

This week, filmmaker Stu Maschwitz shared how to get his Prolost presets for After Effects into Premiere Pro. While these presets are not free, they are extremely cost-effective for quickly creating Ken Burns effects, animating storyboards, adding speedramps, and a lot more! The link below demonstrates how they can be used in Premiere Pro via Dynamic Link with After Effects. There's also an additional tip for dragging After Effect's comps directly into Premiere Pro, skipping the Dynamic Link dialogue. Both these methods are applicable to working with any effects in After Effects that you want to "use" in Premiere Pro.

This week, Premiere Bro enjoyed the trending Twitter hashtag #fav7films. This list of films edited in Premiere Pro was made before discovering the story (above) about Swiss Army Man being cut in Premiere Pro. Otherwise, that would have made the list as well.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from Premiere Pro users...

Premiere Pro Tips

A great reminder from Photo Dan of where our editing intuition should come from. So take care of your gut!

CMD+S, CMD+S, CMD+S... You do great work. So save it often! Tip from Premiere Gal.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

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