Week in Premiere 8/12/16

Week in Premiere 8/12/16

This Week in Premiere Pro:

  • New Premiere Pro Tutorials for Intermediate Editors
  • PrProBCC Replaces Direct Link in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3
  • How to Create Titles in Premiere Pro
  • How to Setup the Tangent Ripple in Premiere Pro

Why does Week in Premiere look different?

Premiere Bro loves serving up weekly curated Premiere Pro content with commentary in Week in Premiere. Maintaining this strict weekly schedule (and the Week in Premiere Video Podcast) was beginning to take away from creating original Premiere Bro content. In order to maximize the value of Premiere Bro, Week in Premiere will now be mostly comprised of Premiere in Post posts. This allows Premiere Bro to efficiently funnel already curated Premiere Pro content into Week in Premiere every Friday. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Premiere Pro News

Editor Vashi Nedomansky has been keeping a post-production diary while editing 6 BELOW, a Scott Waugh film staring Josh Hartnett. After 20 weeks of editing (and 19 entries later) picture is LOCKED! Click the link below to follow Vashi's story up to this point.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from Premiere Pro users...

Premiere Pro Tips

This week Premiere Gal shared these two helpful tips on project organization and the importance of R&R for Premiere Pro users. 

Chris Colton shared this tip after noticing that subclipping media with proxies attached generates duplicate proxies. 

Also, click Chris' Tweet below and check out all the replies! See how your fellow Premiere Pro peers are selecting their interview soundbites...

Premiere Pro Tutorials

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