Week in Premiere 7/22/16

Week in Premiere 7/22/16

This Week in Premiere Pro:

NOTE: There will be no Week in Premiere next week. Premiere Bro will be on vacation :)

Week in Premiere 7/22/16 Video Podcast

Premiere Pro News

This week Blue Collar Post Collective hosted a Facebook live Q&A with Adobe Premiere Pro CC Sr. Product Manager, Al Mooney. The replay (below) is this Week in Premiere's MUST WATCH. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Adobe Premiere Pro CC from the leader of the team that develops it. Here are a couple more highlights from this video replay:

  • Love it or hate it, the affordability of Creative Cloud lowered the barrier of entry for a lot of Premiere Pro users.
  • "Pro-sumerization" or the "liberalization of video tools" is not altering Adobe's priority of keeping Premiere Pro CC a professional NLE. 
  • Al thinks most editors will not be going to a color grading application in the future. He thinks many editors will also be responsible for color. Hence the investment in the Lumetri color panel.
  • In light of all the attention to VR/360 video, questions were asked about the future of HDR in Premiere Pro. Al thinks HDR is going to be more impactful to "normal" viewers than UHD, for instance, 8K. The dilemma with HDR becoming mainstream continues to be standardization, in other words, defining the standards for broadcasting, streaming, and viewing HDR content. Adobe is at the forefront of this industry discussion.
  • Deciding which features will go into a release is the hardest part of being a Premiere Pro product manager. This requires listening to the needs of users, anticipating the future and forecasting changes in editing workflows. 
  • How to submit useful feedback (bug reports): 1.) What went wrong? 2.) What you were doing when it went wrong? 3.) If possible, how Adobe can reproduce it?
  • Al is a allergic to cats.

Editor and blogger Scott Simmons shared a post on his experience doing same-day editing in Premiere Pro for the CMA Music Festival. Scott and his team set up their workflow on the LumaForge Jellyfish shared storage solution. If you're like me and this is the first time you've heard of the Jellyfish, the burning question you have is, "Why is called a jellyfish?" Scott explains when you connect a bunch of networking cables to it, it looks like a... jellyfish! Overall, Scott gave the LumaForge Jellyfish a glowing review in this fascinating workflow case study. The Media Browser in Premiere Pro also played a critical role in this Jellyfish shared storage workflow. In fact, if you read the post, you will find an entire section dedicated to the Media Browser in which Scott makes this claim, "The Media Browser is Premiere’s tool to share data between projects and editors." Usually, most descriptions I see for the Media Browser have to do with media and the browsing of it, which is, I guess, synonymous with project sharing. It was just cool to see it worded this strongly. 

Here we have another workflow case study. Bernd Porr, director of the feature film Anna Unbound, shared a blog post on the film's organization on location, leading up to the final edit in Premiere Pro. This post is like cocaine for you AE's and workflow buffs! Bernd explains how each scene had it's own Premiere Pro project file and metadata. All of which were then added as bins inside the master Premiere Pro project file. Edited scenes were then cut into the master sequences as nested clips, which Bernd says was a huge benefit because the scenes were protected from "accidental edits". Overall, this was a really fascinating read!

Editor and blogger, Jonny Elwyn, posted an extensive roundup of VR/360 video resources. This includes the new VR workflow in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3. You can find this about halfway down Jonny's post. Again, this a lengthy post with a ton of highlights and links to helpful VR/360 video content that define what it is, how to view it, and how to edit it.

We saw her last week as the first-ever Premiere Bro blog contributor. Now she is on Twitter. Meet Premiere Gal! She brings the female voice into video editing tutorials. You can also find Premiere Gal on Facebook and Instagram. Read Premiere Gal's latest post below.

BREAKING NEWS. The Adobe Premiere Twitter handle claimed actual humans are behind the account. And not only that, these so-called humans are also monitoring user Tweets!

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from Premiere Pro users...

Premiere Pro Tips

Vashi Nedomansky is an editor and post-production consultant. He is currently editing 6 Below, a Scott Waugh film starring Josh Hartnett. Since the end of March, Vashi has been updating his blog post 6 Below: Film Editing in 6K which details his experience editing this feature film natively in 6K in Premiere Pro. This week's update features a closer look a one of the 300+ VFX shots, all of them natively composited in 6K in After Effects and Mocha. Scroll through this blog post and vicariously experience what it's like to edit a feature film in Premiere Pro! 

Did someone say Vashi Nedomansky? This week's tip from Adobe Video World features a blog post by Vashi... which features keyboard shortcut layouts by editor and Premiere Pro trainer Dylan Osborn. (These were featured previously in Week in Premiere when Vashi first published this post, but are back again because they're so awesome.) Dylan's keyboard shortcut diagrams include the default Premiere Pro keyboard layouts (Mac and PC) as well as his Advanced FCP7 layout, which improves the default FCP7 keyboard shortcut layout. Download links available in the post!

No need to aggrandize here. Motion Array shared the keyboard shortcut to create a new title in Premiere Pro.

How to create a bin o' selects. Thanks to Joe Vallero.

Love it when Hot Key of the Day features Premiere Pro...

Premiere Pro Tutorials

In this video, legendary trainer Larry Jordan shows the new and improved Dynamic Link workflow between Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Audition. This is an excerpt from the longer webinar series: New Features in Adobe Media Software. Larry demonstrates this is a live link (as opposed to just referencing saved project files) by changing the saturation of a shot in Premiere Pro and showing it update immediately in Adobe Audition. There has never been a better time to move your post-production audio workflow over to Adobe Audition!

Larry also shared a sweet and simple recap of the new keyframe keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3.

Another stellar Jason Cox post on the Screenlight blog. In this written tutorial, Jason walks through the steps of creating an After Effects live text templates for Premiere Pro. This template specifically refers to the Template check box under the Advance tab in the Composition Settings. Checking this converts the comp's unlocked text layers into editable fields in Premiere Pro via Dynamic Link. For example, if you design a lower third animation and turn it into a Template, you can then customize the text for each of your subjects in Premiere Pro. Sweet! I've said this before but it bears repeating: the Screenlight blog has become an excellent resource for post-production professionals, Premiere Pro users especially! 

Want to add some shine to your logo? How about some sheen? Done. Thanks to Motion Array! This tutorial will teach you how to make a logo really pop with beautiful glossy effect. And the best part is it's done with native effects in Premiere Pro. In short, this look uses the Ramp, Set Matte and Linear Wipe effects on a logo that has an alpha channel (transparency). I love Motion Array Premiere Pro tutorials because they're easy to follow, not too long, and usually add a little somethin'-somethin' at the end that you're not expecting. In this case, you may think the Linear Wipe effect is animating the glossy effect across the logo; it's not!

Everybody has their 10 tips! And the cool thing is there's always something a little different in every one. This week the Computer Clan shared their top 10 tips for faster editing in Premiere Pro. From editing to audio, this video tutorial provides some helpful tips in a very polished presentation. The Computer Clan is a site that will entertain and educate you about the world of technology and art.

Digimedia Pros. This week Marcelo Lewin of Digimedia Pros hosts AlphaDogs' Curtis Fristch who teaches how to export audio from an NLE and import into Pro Tools for finishing. (The Premiere Pro section begins at 11:36.) It all comes down to delivering the audio in the format requested by the audio mixer. Curtis prepares you for this by explaining the parameters of both the OMF Export Settings and the AAF Export Settings in Premiere Pro.

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