Week in Premiere 6/17/16

Week in Premiere 6/17/16

This Week in Premiere Pro:

[UPDATED 6/21/16] Say hello to the first ever Week in Premiere video podcast! This is a brand new Premiere Bro initiative. Enjoy all the latest Premiere Pro news, tips, and tutorials from Week in Premiere in a new audiovisual format.

Premiere Pro News

Adobe Video World will be here before you know it! Now is the time to start planning attending the best Adobe training event EVER. Last year was the first Adobe Video World, which combined two separate events: Premiere Pro World and After Effects World. Check out the Premiere Bro highlights and daily recaps from Adobe Video World 2015

The real significance of the Tweet below is it's the first Tweet from the new handle @adobevideoworld! Follow for the latest Adobe Video World news and promotions. 

Somebody stop them! They're giving away all the good stuff! Motion Array is a stock template and music site and they've given away several free Premiere Pro effect presets in the past two weeks. This week they shared new edgy reveal transition presets.

Josh Short is the guy behind Edit Video Faster and co-host of the Command+Edit Podcast. Josh recently announced his transition from full-time work to freelance. Along with that came having to learn Premiere Pro. This week Josh shared some interesting thoughts on Premiere Pro coming from an Avid Media Composer background.

Here is an awesome take on the "mommy blog". Meredith Marsh is VidProMom, a site intended for teaching video production (GoPro especially) to make better family films. Of course, you don't have to be a mom to learn from VidProMom. But seriously, what a cool niche!

And don't worry! The caption below has a happy ending. Meredith is a big Premiere Pro fan!

This PremiumBeat post by Jourdan Aldredge on editing corporate video is pretty high level and applies to any NLE. But the NLE featured in all of the images is Premiere Pro. So it's fair game to be featured in Week in Premiere. Plus, Premiere Bro has a soft spot for corporate video editors.

I will be totally transparent. I am in deep water when it comes to computer specs. All I can say is these numbers look really big and Puget Systems looks like a really cool computer company. Puget Systems has several custom-built computers specifically intended for editing in Premiere Pro. Check out their Recommended Systems for Adobe Premiere Pro, recently updated to include the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.  

GoPro Cineform support comes to VLC Player! GoPro Cineform is a great mezzanine codec for Premiere Pro users. It's cross platform (Mac and PC) and it supports an alpha channel. Learn more about GoPro Cineform here: GoPro CineForm codec support in Premiere Pro.

Alex Gollner Tweeted this reminder that the release of Premiere Pro CC 2016 is *historically* right around the corner.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Karl Soule shared two great tips this week. 1.) Uncheck Pin to Clip in the Effect Controls pop up menu when doing effects keyframing beyond the In and Out point of a clip. 2.) Increase the number of undos up to 100 in the History panel pop up menu.

Dylan Osborn continued his #MapThisShortcut campaign. The two custom keyboard shortcuts featured here are Bypass Lumetri Color Effects and Unlock All Video/Audio Tracks.

Here are two great keyboard shortcuts shared by Patrick Boyd: (Q & W) = Ripple Trim Previous/Next Edit Point to Playhead, also known as top and tail edits.

This is a really sweet "did you know?" tip from Jesse Koepke. The crop effect in Premiere Pro becomes a mask when handed off to After Effects via Dynamic Link.

Blayne Chastain shared his opinion on Show Audio Time Units in Premiere Pro. This feature changes the time ruler numbers from frames to audio samples, which are MUCH smaller and allow for finer sub-frame audio adjustments. Show Audio Time Units can be turned on under the Wrench settings in the Source and Program monitors or in the pop up menu of the Timeline.

Premiere Pro #TipTuesday: (SHIFT+=) = Expand All Tracks. Follow Premiere Bro on Instagram.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Another great tutorial from Surfaced Studio! This week, Tobias demonstrates several ways of working between Premiere Pro and After Effects. Dynamic Link isn't the only way to handoff footage from Premiere Pro and vice versa. One really insightful tip from this tutorial is both clips and sequences/comps can be copied and pasted interchangeably between Premiere Pro and After Effects. Obviously, this method does not create a live link between the apps, but that may not always be your intention. What's your preferred workflow between Premiere Pro and After Effects? Please share in the comments below.

New on the Premiere Bro, "How to Create, Modify, Share, and Organize Effect Presets in Premiere Pro". This post walks through the steps of saving, importing and exporting Premiere Pro effect presets. At the bottom of the post is a list of free and paid effect presets ranging from transitions, frame effects and audio effects.

This week on VideoRevealed, Colin Smith shows how to do quick and easy lower third animation in Premiere Pro. There isn't always time to build multi-layered titles with custom animation in After Effects. Sometimes you just need to plop a title clip on top of your footage and make do with a transition. Colin shows how to get good looking results with the Zigzag Blocks transition. (Zigzag Blocks transition is only available on Windows. For more information, see this Adobe Premiere Pro forum post.

Do you avoid the metadata columns in the Premiere Pro Project panel like they're your old high school? This Screenlight blog post tutorial will make all that anxiety go away. Post author, Jason Cox, a Premiere Pro trainer, peels back the complexity of working with metadata in Premiere Pro and makes it something you will actually want to use in your next project. Jason shows how to customize metadata columns so they're not so overwhelming. He goes on to teach how to add metadata to multiple assets. The best part is this information is searchable and Jason shows how to create a Search bin which automatically creates aliases of your project items based on specific metadata.

The next installment of the Wipster Premiere Pro Masterclass was released this week. In this post, Jonny Elwyn shows how to work more efficiently in Premiere Pro using Favorites. Favorites can mean different things in different panels. For example, Jonny shows how to group your favorite effects into a New Custom Bin for easier accessibility and less searching. Another great example is adding favorite folder directories in the Media Browser. This makes navigating to your assets so much faster. Read the post to see how favorites can help you save time in your Premiere Pro editing workflow.

BestProAction shared the next episode in their How Did You Do That? Adobe Premiere Pro series. This video shows create a solar sphere with an animating cell pattern inside of it. That's the best I can describe it. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel so you don't miss the next episode! You don't want one to sneak by you!

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