Week in Premiere 5/27/16

Week in Premiere 5/27/16

Premiere Pro News

Mettle, a cinematic 360/VR + 3D plugin manufacturer, shared this blog post featuring a 360 music video by Steven Emerson. The Just Adam 360 Experience is a music video that draws attention to the 360 video production process. As the band plays, the green screens and background studio gradually disappear and are replaced by colorful 3D objects. Steven says, "Premiere Pro was used for fluid playback and to drop markers to the beat of the recorded song." Watch the entertaining music video in this post along with the accompanying visual breakdowns of the how the video was made. Also, check out the NAB Show presentation by Connor Hair and Alex Meader of Perception Squared, a VR production company, and their VR workflow using Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Dylan Osborn, editor and Premiere Pro trainer, shared this news from the Adobe Creative Cloud blog. Just over a month ago, Apple announced they were no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows. This opened a can of security worms for Windows users, not to mention the lack of continued support for ProRes. Thankfully, Adobe will be providing Premiere Pro users end-to-end native support for ProRes on Windows without QuickTime. This initiative has been blessed by Apple and should be available soon in a Creative Cloud update.

Adam Epstein, editor at Saturday Night Live, shared his Premiere Pro timeline for the sketch, "Farewell, Mr. Bunting". Needless to say, a lot of people liked it. Isn't it great when professional editors share their timelines with the editing community? Especially when edited in Premiere Pro!

Editors Keys, an editing and recording equipment company, shared an interview with Peter Garaway, Quality Engineer for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Clip, highlighting the new features coming to Premiere Pro. Peter shares some really good quotes, including the inspiration behind the new features. Editors Keys makes some sweet Premiere Pro keyboards. Be sure to check out their backlit keyboards, "the world's only backlit editing keyboards."

This week, Premiere Bro had the opportunity to join the Not-So-Corporate Podcast hosted by Phanta Media, a Toronto-based corporate video production company. In this episode we hit a lot of good talking points, many of them, obviously, having to do with Adobe and Premiere Pro. But we also talk about what it means to be a fan, to follow a brand, and stick to something you're passionate about, even when it doesn't pay. We also reminisce about Final Cut Pro 7 and what it's like working in an Apple store, if you're interested in that stuff.

If you edit corporate video, Phanta Media is a company you need to follow. Last year, Adobe published a customer story video featuring Phanta Media, a fast-paced, high-end video production company with a passion for corporate video. Watch the video: Phanta Media and the new world of corporate video with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Derek Lieu gave us his reverb settings for giving an edited song track a more natural sounding end.

Chris Colton shared a tip on mask tracking and that the tracking data in Premiere Pro will be sent to After Effects when the clip is replaced by and After Effects composition.

Also, a reminder, Chris has taken the mantle of hosting #PostChat. Be sure to tune in on Twitter this Wednesday, 9PM EST, to talk about collaboration with other post-production industry professionals. 

Need to fake a camcorder look? Aulistar Mark Tweeted how he does it using a track matte. (See the tutorial on the Track Matte effect by Motion Array below!)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Film maker, photographer and YouTuber, Ben Brown shared a behind the scenes look at how he edits his vlogs. This Premiere Pro editing tutorial received a lot of engagement — more than 100,000 views in a week! Ben walks us through the fundamentals of editing, from adding ins and outs to trimming clips to a music track. If you're a vlogger looking for Premiere Pro editing inspiration, look no further!

RocketJump Film School shared this video featuring RocketJump founder Freddie Wong and his personal keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro. The great thing about this video is Freddie doesn't just say map this key to that and be like me. (However, you can download the PDF of his keyboard shortcut layout if you want to be like him.) More importantly, Freddie first explains the philosophy behind customizing keyboard shortcuts. For Freddie, the most important thing is to be able to edit at the speed of your thoughts — keyboard shortcuts should not be a distraction! When it comes to the reasons for customizing keyboard shortcuts, no one says it better than Freddie!

After Effects templates and stock music site, Motion Array shared this tutorial on Track Matte effect in Premiere Pro. The "key" to the Track Matte effect is applying it to the footage beneath the clip you want to use as a matte. It can seem a bit counterintuitive, here's another way to remember: the Track Matte effect should be applied to the clip being affected by the effect. 

Be sure to check out the new Premiere Pro template "Grunge Cut" by Motion Array which contains the same shot as seen in the Track Matte tutorial. 

Stock library site, Pond5 shared another Premiere Pro tips post on the Pond5 blog. This time they teach us the basics of transitions and video effects in Premiere Pro. This post is perfect for video editors who are new to Premiere Pro and want to learn some of its native transitions and effects. First, author Ben Remetz explains how to apply a transition and customize its duration and alignment. Then he teaches how to apply video effects and provides some tips for copying, pasting, and removing them. Premiere Pro has a long list of native video effects, Ben suggests several simple effects for getting started.

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