Week in Premiere 3/25/16

Week in Premiere 3/25/16

SPECIAL THANKS: Last weekend, Premiere Bro crossed the 2,000-mark for Twitter Followers. Being that Twitter is the Premiere Bro social media platform of choice, this is a landmark of success for Premiere Bro, ALL THANKS TO YOU, THE PREMIERE PRO USER COMMUNITY. Premiere Bro owes everything to the engagement of fellow Premiere Pro users and fans. You inspire me. Thank you!

Premiere Pro News

This week's top story features Frame.io, a video review and approval platform. This week, Frame.io published a brilliant animated teaser video (below), revealing its soon-to-be-released integrated Premiere Pro panel. Frame.io offered early support for FCP X integration, it's exciting to they're bringing their video collaboration features over to Premiere Pro. Apparently, a lot of people feel that way; it's been nothing but Frame.io Tweets for days. (Apologies if I missed any exciting Premiere Pro news that got lost in the river of Frame.io Tweets!)

For a little more information on Frame.io's new integration with Premiere Pro, check out the blog post by News Shooter shared via @TNPBroadcast. Sign up to get notified when Frame.io's Premiere Pro panel launches.

Editor and colorist Julien Chichignoud published an article on Video&Filmmaker featuring his new Premiere Pro extension for managing feedback. The extension brings Google Keep right inside Premiere Pro. As you can imagine, anything Google inside Premiere Pro is going to offer a lot of potential for creative uses. Download the extension and follow the install instructions (both in included in the Video&filmmaker article) and see how you can use Google Keep in your Premiere Pro editing workflow! (NOTE: Install this extension at your own risk. I was able to install it successfully. Use the comments section below for questions or feedback.)

Matthias Möhl of Mamoworld  released a sneak peek video of a new import tool for quicker importing in Premiere Pro called: QuickImporter. Based on the video, QuickImporter offers robust file search and browsing options inside Premiere Pro. There's even an invitation to join the beta testing team at the end! QuickImporter is scheduled to be released "around NAB".

Mettle re-posted a review by Perception Squared praising Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Tools for Premiere Pro and highlighting one tool in particular: 

Perception Squared will be using this toolkit for all of our 360 projects. The most useful tool in our eyes is the ability to easily adjust the center point of a 360 shot. This allows for editing with eye trace and gives you an easier way to guide your audience’s attention.
— Perception Squared

Visit the link in the Tweet below for the whole post, including before/after pictures of adjusting the center point of 360 shot in Premiere Pro.

When you have a spreadsheet of Premiere Pro feature requests and a keyboard mapped with shortcuts you invented... you get noticed!  Taran Van Hemert is the editor (and more) for LinusTechTips. Check out Taran's YouTube channel to see some of his innovative, self-made Premiere Pro shortcuts.

Like I said above, you get noticed! I'm sure I'm not the only Premiere Pro user who wishes he could sit in on Taran's meeting with the Adobe Premiere Pro development team. Post some pics Taran! :)

In case you were wondering what the most important NLE will be over the next five years. It's official... Thanks for clarifying Endcrawl!

Premiere Bro will be at NAB 2016! The post below is the initial announcement which includes some early details (and a Post|Production World discount code!) but much more is still come.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Matt Christensen got on a role this week with Premiere Pro tips! Check out these tips on making changes to a multicam clip and source assignment presets.

EditStock jumped into the Premiere Pro tips game this week with tips for cropping exports and identifying clips handles. EditStock offers video footage for editing practice. It's a site that lets editors cut scenes from a movie and get professional feedback on their work. It's like batting cages for editors.

Did you know you can use the arrow cursors to adjust numerical parameters in Premiere Pro. It's great for fine-tuning effects parameters in the Effect Controls panel. Thanks for sharing Derek and Chris!

Great tips for organizing effects into custom bins. Got large projects? Create project-based bins with effects for specific projects.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

In this color correction tutorial, Stan Arthur shows how to use the Lumetri Color panel curves to balance the RGB channels with the help of the RGB parade scope. This method of primary color correction yields good results fairly consistently. As Stan says in the video, this color correction method can give you a great starting point for color grading. There are several other new Premiere Pro tutorials on Stan Arthur's YouTube channel. Be sure to check them out as well!

You have never seen a top 10 Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts video with this much production value. Kris Truini of Kriscoart Productions shares his top 10 Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts with lots of style! It will keep your attention to the end. And that's good because there's a lot of helpful tips in this video.

Going on a trip? How about adding a dynamic map animation to show your travel route. Colin Smith of VideoRevealed shows how to create a dynamic map animation in Premiere Pro. The secondary benefit of this tutorial is learning how to work with Photoshop files in Premiere Pro. Don't forget to lower the opacity and put some live footage underneath your map animation. Maybe add some dramatic montage music too :)

Kyle Edward Wilson is the post production supervisor for Toronto-based video production company Phanta Media. In this video Kyle share's a high-level overview of his interview editing process, from syncing to pulling selects. He shares some especially helpful ideas for organizing interview footage, in both subsequences and in one master sequence. This is a great watch for Premiere Pro users cutting corporate videos and documentaries with lots of talking head interviews.

The following two tutorials come straight from the Adobe website. In the deliver broadcast quality audio tutorial, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud: Video & Audio Tools, Jason Levine, shows how to work with loudness in Adobe Audition. Ever wonder what all those loudness standards are about? Jason not only tells you what they stand for, he also shows you how to conform your audio to meet those broadcast standards in Adobe Audition and in Premiere Pro's Loudness Normalization export settings. Delivering broadcast quality audio has never been easier!

Boris FX shared a new tutorial for their BCC Optical Stabilizer effect. "Editor Nathan Ryan quickly walks Premiere Pro users through the basics of the Optical Stabilizer. The Optical Stabilizer offers a few different options to easily fix camera shake and jitter.The BCC Optical Stabilizer is part of the powerful Image Restoration category inside Continuum Complete." —Boris FX, Quick Tips: Optical Stabilizer

Thought this might be helpful for Premiere Pro users who are only familiar with Premiere Pro's native Warp Stabilizer.

YouTuber Alex Halford shared his next installments of his weekly Saturday Premiere Pro tutorials. This week he shows how to give your videos a cinematic Hollywood film look and how to composite fire over your footage.

Speaking of Jason Levine, it's inspiring to watch his Twitch replays. Yes, they are a bit long for busy editors—it's ok to skip around! It's a replay, Jason won't know! Or will he? In this replay, Jason shares some good tips for syncing footage using the Create Multicam Source Sequence method (36:30). 

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