Week in Premiere 3/18/16

Week in Premiere 3/18/16

Premiere Pro News

Kicking this Week in Premiere off with a terrific blog post by Oliver Peters of digitalfilms on the Coen brothers transition to Premiere Pro CC for their latest film Hail, Caesar! (Yes, the post itself was published several weeks ago, but it only surfaced on Twitter this week, thanks to Alex Gollner.) It's a great post, full of insights into the Coen brother's editing styles and how Premiere Pro accommodated the Coen brothers editing workflow.

Joel and Ethan had only ever edited digitally on Final Cut Pro, so Premiere Pro provided the easiest transition.
— Katie McQuerry, Associate Editor, Hail, Caesar!

Lots of love for Adobe Audition this week! The following two posts have different scopes, but both defend Audition as a legit professional audio editing and mixing application, especially for post production. The first Tweet links to a fantastic post by Matt Vanacoro with 5 specific Adobe Audition features that will enhance your audio workflow, including two-track setup and batch processing. The second Tweet features the audio workflow of Jarrad French, with benefits of using the spectral frequency graph and concludes with a cool podcast edit timelapse in Adobe Audition.

... you should consider opening up that app [Adobe Audition] that may be gathering virtual dust in your Creative Cloud folder.
— Matt Vanacoro, Producer, Musician

Continuing with Adobe Audition, Future Media Concepts shared this handy Adobe Audition CC cheat sheet. This downloadable pdf by Adobe lists the essential Audition keyboard shortcuts and names all the items in the Tools Panel. Future Media Concepts is a leading producer of educational conferences for the film, television, video and web industries.

For you IT-minded and tech-spec enthusiasts, the following two blog posts are for you. If you're interested in building your own PC editing workstation, Patrick Zadrobilek shares his thoughts and experience building his "to achieve 4K realtime editing in Premiere Pro CC 2015"Patrick includes benchmark tests for playback performance of clips from many different camera manufacturers. On that note, the second post by Michiel Pilgrim warns against the lack of performance and support for QuickTime on PCs. Michiel cites lots of sources showing the limitations of using QuickTime on Windows, chiefly because it's limited to 32-bit processing and only runs in a 4GB memory space. He concludes by encouraging and teaching how to perform your own system performance tests. So, if you are a Premiere Pro user, planning on building your own PC editing workstation, read these two posts and consider using an alternative editing format to QuickTime.

Want free animated title templates for Premiere Pro? How about 10 of them? This week Cinema5D featured 10 free simple title templates by Cinecom. The templates are 100% free, you just need to signup at Cinecom.net if you are not a returning customer. These templates are minimalistic and very sleek, watch the video below to see what they look like. Read Cinema5D's post for more info, including tips and suggestions for using these templates. 

More free stuff! Sam Woodhall generously provided his custom folder icons for free. They're colorful and snazzy! Using custom folder icons isn't just about looks. It can speed up workflow when it comes to hunting down media assets. Think about it; instead of having to read folder names, you can identify folders and their contents based on colors and icons. An added bonus is these icons show up in Premiere Pro in the Media Browser.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Check out how filmmaker and Film Riot YouTube legend, Ryan Connolly, organizes his projects, which includes his hard disk folder structure and Premiere Pro project. He uses a project template—you should too—a saved Premiere Pro project file with all his bins already created. For example, check out the Premiere Pro project template for Deadpool! This video was shared by Federico Friciello. Thanks Federico!

This is a great list of Premiere Pro shortcuts. Use them and you will save time. Saving time means you can do more. When you do more, you get paid more. So, logically, you will make money when you use these shortcuts. Thanks Emma Hayward for sharing this money-making tip!

A couple of really great DYKs and FYIs...

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Pond5, a stock video, music, and After Effects template site, shared an excellent Premiere Pro editing 101 tutorial this week. This step-by-step breakdown of the basics is perfectly suited for those who are new to editing in Premiere Pro. From project organization (see Ryan Connelly's video above) to importing and editing, this post covers all the essentials. And it looks great!

See below for Alex Halford's tutorials on exporting 720p and 1080p video out of Premiere Pro.

Jason Bowdach, colorist and founder of Cinetic Studios unleashes the power of Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box on a subject's face in this video tutorial. Beauty Box is a plugin, available for Premiere Pro, for skin retouching and skin smoothing. In this tutorial, Jason demonstrates Beauty Box's capabilities by correcting a subject's yellowish skin and restoring some overexposed parts of his face. If you are a Premiere Pro editor who is also responsible for color correction, consider adding Beauty Box to your tool belt. Your client's will thank you for making them good... and give you more work!

YouTuber Alex Halford shares his Premiere Pro export settings for 720p and 1080p video. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for Premiere Pro tutorials every Saturday!

Need to blur some product names in your shot? Russell Wick demonstrates how to do it easily with the power of mask tracking in Premiere Pro.

Learn how to make your dialogue or VO sound like a chipmunk in 33 seconds. No bullsh*t.

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