Week in Premiere 3/11/16

Week in Premiere 3/11/16

Premiere Pro News

360/VR video is still a new frontier for many editors. For Premiere Pro users, there is one obvious question that we all have: "How do I edit 360/VR video in Premiere Pro?" Mettle is a company that specializes in 360/VR tools for Adobe software. This week they released SkyBox for Premiere Pro, a suite of 360/VR tools formerly only available for After Effects. Yes, this is a product. No, this is not a paid promotion. This is the answer to the question! Visit the link in the Tweet below and you will find an 18 minute SkyBox tutorial that shows 360/VR video inside Premiere Pro. Check it out! See what the future of video looks like.

CHRISTINE showed in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. For editor, Sofia Subercaseaux, CHRISTINE was her first feature film cut in Premiere Pro CC. Previously, she had been using Final Cut Pro. Sofia felt comfortable editing in Premiere Pro right away by simply changing the keyboard shortcut mapping to the Final Cut Pro 7 template. In this video, Sofia also shares how important project organization is and how she used the labels in Premiere Pro to help her keep track of her media. She goes so far as to say she was able to see a character's story arc on the timeline in the associated label colors! 

This is for you tech-heads and workflow junkies. Founder of Biscardi Creative Media and all-around video guy, Walter Biscardi shares his two reasons for making SNS EVO his shared storage server of choice. First, file locking; SNS client software, ShareBrowser, allows user-specified file types to be locked, preventing multiple editors from saving over each other's work. Secondly, EVO is simultaneously compatible with both Mac and Windows. SNS shared storage solutions are NLE agnostic, however, this video interview of Walter features Premiere Pro CC, on both Mac and Windows, accessing the same project files and media.

In case you missed it! IMHO the coolest part of Deadpool was that it was cut exclusively in Premiere Pro CC. Even cooler still, the Premiere Pro project template and handheld camera presets have been made available to all Premiere Pro users for free! (Thanks to Vashi Nedomansky and Jarle Leirpoll.) Get a reaction from your clients by telling them you're using the same project template and camera shake presets used in Deadpool.

Premiere Pro users! Retire all your Post-its® because Post Notes is here. Post Notes is a notepad and to-do list extension for Premiere Pro CC and it just launched this week! Read the Premiere Products review which includes how it works and tips for workflow integration.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro user community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Here's an advanced Premiere Pro tip for batch renaming sequences in a Premiere Pro project. The trick is modifying the XML of a Premiere Pro project file using a text editor. Even though this method did not work for Carey in the end ("timelines all had different names and discrepant versioning systems") Bart's tip could really come in handy for Premiere Pro users who want to batch rename sequences (or clips!) with common naming structures.

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Video editor, Patrick Boyd shared a tip (via #WeekinPr hashtag!) recommending Post Haste, a free piece of software from Digital Rebellion for creating and saving project folder templates. Learn more about Digital Rebellion's Post Haste here.

Love how the default Video Editing Template has a folder for "Premiere"

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Jarle Leirpoll, founder of premierepro.net, is at it again; providing more free resources to the Premiere Pro user community. Can someone tell this guy he's taking all the generosity? Jarle has been one of the pioneers in raising awareness of Premiere Pro's capability to control After Effects expressions within dynamically linked Template comps. To be clear, Template refers specifically to the functionality under the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings in After Effects. This opens some incredible potential for creative use of After Effects expressions in Premiere Pro. For example, this comes on the heals of One Title to Rule Them All, a single title template for both left and right-aligned text that uses an After Effects expression controlled in Premiere Pro.

I just made a tutorial on Premiere Pro driven After Effects templates. These templates are extremely user friendly, and...

Posted by Jarle Leirpoll on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Paul Schmutzler gives the skinny on Boris FX's BCC 10 plugin suite in Premiere Pro. This post, hosted on Streaming Media, features a video tutorial followed by a detailed write-up with screenshots. Paul demos several BCC 10 effects and transitions, as well as the newly integrated Mocha planar tracking. If you are not familiar with BCC 10 and its capabilities, this is great tutorial to whet your appetite. You'll want seconds.

Toronto-based video production company, Phanta Media and Kyle Edward Wilson published another episode of Let's Learn Premiere Pro. This one warns Premiere Pro users (and all editors) of the dangers of upgrading to the first version of an OS. Kyle refers the infamous El Capitan issue that plagued Premiere Pro users who upgraded. While the release of Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 officially supports Mac OS X El Capitan, the wisdom shared in this video stands true. DON'T UPGRADE UNTIL THE OS AND YOUR NLE HAVE BEEN VETTED! Leave the headaches to the early upgraders.

Normally, Premiere Bro tries to avoid promoting paid tutorials. But this color correction course by Cincom.net founder, Jordy Vandeput deserves an exception—mostly because he has provided so many top-notch Premiere Pro tutorials to users for free. In this course trailer, Jordy addresses many common frustrations in color correction and shares the benefits of enrolling in his course.

A second Week in Premiere in row featuring Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud: Video & Audio Tools. In this Twitch replay, Jason walks through how to use Premiere Clip, Adobe's mobile video editing app, in conjunction with Premiere Pro. Learn from Adobe's best in a super-chill, super-casual setting.

Matt Price of soundrolling.com shares his settings for exporting an AAF out of Premiere Pro. For those who don't know, AAF stands for "advanced authoring format" and is a professional file interchange format. 9 out of 10 times, Premiere Pro users exporting an AAF are delivering audio for mixing in programs such as Pro Tools. Matt has unique settings for both small and larger projects in order to manage project size. This post also includes a video, so you can follow along with Matt as he shows how to properly export an AAF out of Premiere Pro.

YouTuber Alex Halford shares his tips for stabilization and color correction in his weekly Saturday Premiere Pro tutorials. 

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