Week in Premiere 2/26/16

Week in Premiere 2/26/16

Premiere Pro News

The overwhelming success of Marvel's Deadpool may upstage the Coen Brother's Hail, Caesar! in the public eyebut within the post production industry, it's no less exciting because Hail, Caesar! was also edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC! This week, Adobe Premiere Pro shared this fascinating look inside the editing suite of the Coen Brother's latest film. The video features interviews with key members of the Coen Brother's editorial staff, who recount the process and and reasons for switching to Premiere Pro CC. Even more interesting, the interviewees share how Premiere Pro CC and the Adobe team successfully handled some of the challenges of the Coen Brother's uniques editing workflow. 

Also, check out the accompanying Adobe Creative Cloud blog post, Old and New Filmmaking Techniques Merge in Hail, Caesar!, for the interview with Additional Editor Katharine McQuerrey and Post-Production Supervisor Catherine Farrell. They discuss the benefits of switching to Premiere Pro CC and how it helped them support the Coen Brother's post production workflow.

CONGRATS to the Adobe Team for another successful A-list feature film edited in Premiere Pro CC. It's an exciting time for Adobe Premiere Pro and the Premiere Pro user community and it's just getting started!

In news from across the pond, BVE was this week. BVE is "The UK’s largest event for professionals involved in taking content from creation to consumption." The Adobe booth hosted Adobe Master Trainer, Simon Walker, who presented on working faster with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Simon has generously provided a link to his Premiere Pro tips booklet. It's a 27-page PDF with loads of helpful knowledge on project organization, metadata, and timeline legalization. Download it now for free!

Filmmaker and Adobe Master Trainer, Maxim Jago also made appearances at BVE. He mentions so in the latest installment of his newsletter, published this week. This newsletter features the financial outline for his upcoming project Jolie's Garden. It's a great read for producers or anyone interested in filmmaking budgets, particularly in the UK. Follow Maxim Jago on Twitter for updates, Adobe related stuff, and deep philosophical Tweets. Also, watch the Premiere Bro periscope interview with Maxim Jago from Adobe Video World 2015.

How do you even categorize this? Is this news? Or is it a Premiere Pro tip? Doesn't matter, it's awesome! And yes, this is very real. Taran Van Hemert, editor for LinusTechTips, is a master of Premiere Pro shortcuts. So much so, he built his own keyboard prototype for his custom macro shortcuts. Check out Taran's YouTube channel to see how he makes his Premiere Pro shortcuts.

Hot of the press! Read Premiere Bro's 6 Reasons Editors Should Attend Editors Retreat, featuring tons of content from Editors Retreat 2016. This is a comprehensive look at what makes Editors Retreat the best event for professional editors to learn from the best, literally the best editors, in Hollywood. Be sure to check out Reason #6. It's the best.

Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro community...

Premiere Pro Tips

Shoutout to the tilde key! Or accent grave key if you insist.

Learn how to Create a Watch Folder in Adobe Media Encoder and make "encoding as simple as managing files on your hard drive."

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Writer and director, Ben Mizzi shared his recommended workflow for nested sequences in Premiere Pro. You can also read his follow up post on Multicam Editing in Premiere.

Trending this week: dynamic linking.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Stan Arthur demonstrates Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box inside Premiere Pro. If your production was too broke to hire a makeup artist and the subject in your footage is suffering from shiny hotspots, watch this tutorial to see what Beauty Box can do for you in a few clicks. Beauty Box is a simple plugin for "Blistering fast, realtime skin retouching for video." Checkout Stan Arthur's YouTube channel for more Premiere Pro tutorials.

In a cool new series of How-To Recipes for Content Creators, Digimedia Dude posted a recipe for "How To Export For Web With Best Settings In Adobe Premiere Pro CC". It's an image-driven post that shows how to export a Premiere Pro sequence in the h.264 format for the web.

For the second week in a row, YouTuber Alex Halford published two new Premiere Pro tutorials featuring guest LTHIHOfficial. Both of these tutorials demonstrate techniques using the Title panel. These videos are a great place to start if you want to learn how to quickly add cool text and text watermarks in Premiere Pro.

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