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Week in Premiere 8/31/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Adobe Announces OS Support Changes

  • New Shifter Transitions Plugin for Premiere Pro

  • FREE LUTs and Effect Preset Pack for Premiere Pro

  • Our 4 Favorite Premiere Pro Tutorials This Week

Week in Premiere 5/18/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Premiere Pro Transitions With Impact

  • Adobe's Patrick Palmer at SuperMeet 2018

  • SlingStudio and Trint Extensions for Premiere Pro

  • FREE 8mm Film Grain Overlay

Week in Premiere 8/25/17

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • 4 Must Know Music Video Transitions
  • 5 Must Know Advanced Effects in Premiere Pro
  • 5 Tips From "The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro"
  • 6 Ricegum Diss Track Effects in Premiere Pro