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Week in Premiere 8/24/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • New "Effect Template" Workflow in Premiere Pro

  • FREE Aspect Ratio Plugin and Letterbox Overlays

  • 8 Tips for Editing Music in Premiere Pro

  • Mask and Flash Effect in Premiere Pro

Week in Premiere 8/3/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Editing Wiz Khalifa's Vlogs in Premiere Pro

  • New "Shifter" Transitions, Caption Burner, and Loudness Radar

  • Making the Most of Masks in Premiere Pro

  • Adobe Reveals New LA Office

Week in Premiere 6/29/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Adobe at VidCon 2018 (Videos)

  • Mettle FLUX, Insta360 Stitcher, and Caption Converter

  • Track Matte Effects, PewDiePie Editing Tutorials

  • More Instagram TV (IGTV) Premiere Pro Tutorials

Week in Premiere 6/8/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • 3 FREE Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

  • "No-Stitch" 360 Video Editing in Premiere Pro with Insta360

  • 3 Underwater Effects in Premiere Pro

  • Glitch Mask Effect, Ghost Look, and More!

Week in Premiere 6/1/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • The "Texture and Tempo" of 'Atlanta'

  • Extreme 4-Point Color Gradient in Premiere Pro

  • Using Boris Fx Sapphire Effects in Premiere Pro

  • FREE Color Transition Mogrt Template

Week in Premiere 5/25/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Create, Review, and Publish Video with Motion Array

  • What's Coming in Premiere Pro CC 2019?

  • Premiere Projects: Dirtbag, McCullin in Kolkata, Real Rob

  • 7 FREE Optical Transitions + Luma Fade Presets

Week in Premiere 5/11/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Meet the Editors of FX Show Atlanta, Edited in Premiere Pro

  • Two Ways to Create Motion Trails in Premiere Pro

  • Boris FX: Sapphire Builder, Lens Flares, and VR Unit (FREE for May)

  • FREE Wave Wipe Transition for Premiere Pro

Week in Premiere 4/27/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Premiere Pro CC 2018 (12.1) User Review

  • Premiere Pro New Features at NAB Show 2018

  • insta360 Integration with Premiere Pro

  • "Dope" Mirror Effect and "Dopest" Clone Effect Tutorials

Week in Premiere 3/30/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Easter Eggs and April Fools in Premiere Pro
  • Watch: Super Mario in Premiere Pro
  • Premiere Product: Palette Gear Review
  • Audio Tutorials: Clip Mixer, Automation, Underwater Effect

Week in Premiere 3/16/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • FREE Audio Effects Preset Pack
  • Audio Filters (Low and High Pass) in Premiere Pro
  • Smart Rendering for Faster Exports in Premiere Pro
  • Tutorials: Audio Filters, Sketch Transition, Split Screens