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VentureBeat: Adobe Designers Offer 4 Insights into VR’s Future

Adobe has traditionally pioneered tools and workflows for professionals and creatives to build for a digital medium. The rise of virtual reality has led to Adobe building the platforms necessary for creators to transition into the world of 3D spatial computing. I’ve interviewed four innovators from Adobe Research and Adobe’s Design Lab who are building the company’s VR technologies, to get their insights on the future of VR and 3D immersive technologies. —Michael Park, VentureBeat

Premiere Pro CC 2018 (12.0.1) Update

The January 2018 release of Premiere Pro has some exciting new enhancements. Read on to know more:

Premiere Bro Summer Break 2017

Premiere Bro is on Summer Break!

This means no original or curated Premiere Pro content this. There will be no Week in Premiere 7/21/17. (Sorry Premiere Pro super fans!) Normal operations will resume Monday, July 24th.

Digital Trends: After 25 years, Adobe Premiere Pro’s Story is Only Just Beginning

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Adobe Premiere, the video editing software that is to videographers what Photoshop is to photographers. Adobe invited Digital Trends to take a look back at the history of the program, revealing the journey – sometimes evolutionary, and other times revolutionary – that made Premiere (now Premiere Pro) what it is today. —Daven Mathies Digital Trends

Variety: How Adobe Wants to Turn Flat 360-Degree Videos Into True Virtual Reality

Hardly a day has gone by this month without the announcement of a new virtual reality (VR) camera system. Facebook, Google and GoPro all aim to make VR more immersive with new cameras, some of which won’t be commercially released for the foreseeable future. However, researchers at Adobe believe that you may not need new camera hardware at all for a big leap in immersion. —Janko Roettgers, Variety