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Adobe: From Gamer to Creator and Tips for Epic Trailers with Derek Lieu

Video Game Trailer Editor, Derek Lieu, took an editing hobby and a love of playing video games, and merged them to bring us trailers behind games like Firewatch and Mortal Combat X. In this episode, he shows Jason his first creation EVER -- a 17-year old trailer that wouldn’t even preview in Mac OS -- and hilariously gives us a few pointers about how to make EPIC trailers. First tip? Music does most of the work. —Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe: Meeting Daily News Deadlines with Premiere Pro

The editing application of choice at nachtblau is Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The team transitioned from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro in 2014, right around the time Annika Kӧnig was learning to be an editor, which helped to level the playing field for her. She not only became an editor, her knowledge of Premiere Pro also gave her the opportunity to become a support editor to the chief editor, helping troubleshoot issues in the early days of the transition. —Adobe

Adobe: Zoe Davis Supporting Long-Form Content with Social Media

A lot has changed since Zoe Davis first got her start as a news editor at a local television network in Australia. That was 17 years ago, when most broadcasters were still cutting tape to tape. Today, she owns her own company, Calibrate Films, for her commercial work. She is also directing and editing her first feature documentary entitled FIERCE!, and working with legendary editor Walter Murch on his film Coup 53. No matter what project she’s working on, producing effective promotional content for social media channels is playing an increasingly important role. —Adobe