Wipster: Wipster Meets Slack

Wipster, an online video review and approval platform, announced their integration with Slack. Wipster makes video collaboration easy by allowing users to view, comment, annotate and share their feedback online with their team. It's especially easy for editors to post and receive notes on their videos with the Wipster Premiere Pro panel. Now, all of that functionality is integrated with Slack.

Wipster’s new integration with Slack will streamline your workflow even more. Now you can get your Wipster notifications directly in your team Slack channel, making it super-easy for the whole team to instantly see where a review is at – it’s a dream come true for creative directors and project managers who need to keep their finger on the pulse without getting into the nitty-gritty of each review. —Rollo Wenlock, Wipster

Source: http://www.wipster.io/blog/wipster-meets-slack