Who Are The People Behind Adobe Premiere Pro?

Image via cinema5D

Image via cinema5D

“Inside Adobe” Gives Viewers a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Adobe Facilities and Employees responsible for Premiere Pro.

Have you ever wanted to get to know the people and places behind your favorite video editing software? Thanks to Johnnie Behiri of cinema5D, and his new short documentary INSIDE ADOBE, Premiere Pro fans can take a guided tour of the Adobe facilities and meet the Adobe employees responsible for developing their beloved NLE. While the official title would suggest all the Adobe Creative Cloud applications are featured, this is very heavily centered on Premiere Pro. Photoshop gets a special shoutout, but After Effects might not even be mentioned.

This is far and away our favorite documentary. Like ever. Based on the subject matter alone we’d love this film, but the cinematography and editing is equally fantastic! If you are a Premiere Pro user who closely follows Adobe, you will love this short documentary as well. But probably not as much as us.

We encourage you to watch the entire film straight through. If you’re short on time or want to revisit a specific moment, please use our guide below, where we break up the film into it’s key moments.


The Airport - Meet Patrick Palmer, Principal Product Manager

The video begins with Johnnie at the airport. (He hates airports.) Here he meets Patrick Palmer, Adobe Premiere Pro Senior Product Manager, who will be his companion and guide throughout the trip.

Image via cinema5D


Los Angeles - Adobe’s Commitment to Film Editors

The first stop on Johnnie’s Adobe pilgrimage is Los Angeles, where he visits Adobe’s new Hollywood offices. This site is a significant venture for Adobe because it not only puts boots on the ground in Hollywood, but also signifies Adobe’s commitment to professional film editors. Johnnie sits down with Adobe’s VP of Digital Video and Audio, Steve Warner, who shares about Adobe Premiere Pro’s humble beginnings and the passion it took to develop it into the most used NLE in the industry. At 3:47, you can actually witness Steve Warner cutting the ribbon on the new Adobe facility, officially opening it.

Image via cinema5D


The Road to San Jose - Artificial Intelligence and Editing

For the next leg of his journey, Johnnie and Patrick make the drive (yes, drive) from Los Angeles to San Jose to visit the global Adobe headquarters. The car ride allows time for some fantastic conversation with Patrick about Premiere Pro. Patrick answers Johnnie’s questions about how AI improves editing productivity in Premiere and if computers will someday do all the editing.

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San Jose - The Faces of Premiere Pro

When they arrive in San Jose, Johnnie gets an exclusive tour of Adobe’s global headquarters from “the best tour guide at Adobe”. For those who have dreamed of working for Adobe, this section will make you jealous. Ping pong tables and a basketball court are just some of the perks.

Image via cinema5D

Apparently, there are different floors of the building dedicated to Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Johnnie visits the Photoshop floor, where you can see the themed focus rooms setup for employees. Lucky for us, Johnnie spends the most time in the video on the Premiere Pro floor. He interviews the following Premiere Pro people:

  • 9:21 - Reg Santo Thomas, Sr. Engineering Manager - Special Project Lab for testing 3rd party workflows in Premiere Pro

  • 9:58 - David Blackmon, Sr. Quality Engineer - VR Lab for developing VR editing feature set for Premiere Pro

  • 11:05 - David Kuspa, Sr. Experience Designer - designing the look, feel, and functionality of Premiere Pro

  • 12:01 - Patrick Palmer, Principal Product Manager - managing Premiere Pro, new features versus stability

David Kuspa’s interview is particular worth noting because he states his number one achievement is seeing Premiere Pro become the number one editing software in use.


San Francisco - Employee Life (And Coffee)

For the last stop, Johnnie and Patrick visit the Adobe offices in San Francisco, the second largest behind San Jose. (It’s also the headquarters for Creative Cloud, so it’s literally the cloud.) They run into Ted Thomaidis, Services Manager, who shows them the workspaces and break rooms at Adobe. There’s coffee everywhere!

image via cinema5D


The Final Question

Before ending his trip, Johnnie has one last question for Patrick. It’s a hard one. What is Adobe doing about the bugs in Premiere Pro? This video gives Premiere Pro users a unique chance to hear Patrick speak candidly and openly about continuing to improve Premiere Pro. Adobe’s commitment to quality is evidenced in Premiere Pro CC 2019, which contains “probably” the largest number of bug fixes and stability improvements to date.

Image via cinema5D

A couple other things Patrick mentions is the ability to submit feedback via the Help menu in Premiere Pro. This option brings users to the official Premiere Pro Bug Report/Feature Request forum, which allows users to submit, view and vote on feedback. If you have doubts as to the effectiveness of this platform, you can actually see Patrick himself has responded to user feedback on the forum.

What did you think of this documentary? Did it change your perception or perspective of Adobe? How bad do you wish you could have been Johnnie on this trip? Let us know below!

Johnnie Behiri

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