VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК: Color Transitions Pack - Free Template for Premiere Pro

Part 1/3

Here is a free transition pack for you... If you just want to download the free transition pack head over to the download link below and unlock it. Once you've unpacked the .zip file you will find a couple of mograph templates for Premiere Pro. You can apply them in the Essential Graphics Panel. The Transitions are completely editable, you can change the colors and adjuts the timing with the keyframes in the effects control. —VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК

Part 2/3

So in this part I am showing how I added a shape and created the mask reveal. For some reason you have to add the shape in the essential graphics panel of premiere pro because, when you draw it, it's hard to actually center both, the anchor point of the shape and the shape to the canvas. When adding a shape from the essential graphics panel you have a little more control over everything. Because the default size is 300 x 200 pixels. You can set the anchor point by dialing in the numbers (150 x 100) and then center that to the canvas. that's the base of our color transition. —VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК

Part 3/3

Alright, so we are wrapping up this little tutorial series by animating the expansion of the mask. That way you don't have to animate the mask itself and still get that reveal effect. Now you can go ahead and duplicate the shape, give it a new color and offset it, rotate it whatever you like. At this stage it's a good idea to experiment with the shape animation to see what kind of transition you can come up with. Maybe you want to change the timing or the direction of the transition. —VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК