The Hateful Revenant

The Hateful Revenant

Edited by: Sean Schools

Subclips in Premiere Pro

"I used Premiere Pro's Make Subclip feature (CMD+U) to isolate shots from both trailers into individual clips. Once that was done, I was able to reconstruct the mashup, treating the subclips as if they were original footage. The real challenge was audio. Because there was always background music, it was tricky to rearrange the dialogue, which, ultimately, was the deciding factor for what shots could or could not be used as soundbites to tell the story. Luckily, The Revenant is mostly ambience and percussion, so a lot of the editing was matching visuals from The Revenant to the audio of The Hateful Eight. That's the key to a trailer mashup, matching the visuals from one to the audio of the other."

Watch the original trailers here:
The Revenant -
The Hateful Eight -

All footage from The Revenant is property of 20th Century Fox.
All footage from The Hateful Eight is property of The Weinstein Company. 
This video is intended for parody purposes only.


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