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Chung Dha: Youtube Subscribe Bar Promo Premiere Pro Project Template

This Project file is a Youtube Subscribe Bar to promote, help visualise or assist your viewers to subscribe to your channel and also to click the bell icon. It’s a nice visual animation to remind your viewers without being too large and in your face. This project been made in 4k on 25p sequence. This is a Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 Project which can only be opened with CC2018 or Newer version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. —Chung Dha

tutvid: How to Export The Best HD Video for YouTube

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll cover a fundamental aspect of a lot of video editing projects today: How to Upload High Quality Video to YouTube. I’ll break down the Export dialog box and show you how to choose a format, save a preset, choose audio settings, CBR or VBR?, and a number of factors that go into making your video look good while compressing to a reasonable file size. —tutvid