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Vimeo: Introducing the Vimeo Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

Post-production just got simpler: with the all-new Vimeo panel, you can upload videos from Adobe directly to your Vimeo account in just one click. And if you're a PRO and Business member, you can instantly create a video review page from Adobe to start collaborating with reviewers. Download the free panel now: —Vimeo

Vimeo's relationship with Premiere Pro keeps getting more and more serious. It's like that obvious couple who won't admit they're a couple but everyone already knows they're a couple. Last week Vimeo added new features to their Review Pages, and now Premiere Pro users have a lot more to get excited about. Vimeo has announced their own panel for Premiere Pro, which you can download for free. The Vimeo panel allows users to choose their privacy settings and upload their timelines with either default or custom export presets. Once the video is uploaded, you can create a review page, copy the link, or adjust the video settings, all of which open in your browser. 

Unfortunately, you can't (at this time) manage your Vimeo library inside the panel. Only the videos uploaded with the panel are visible, and only for that specific project. Basically, the panel replaces the Vimeo direct publishing option in the Export Settings window. But make no mistake, Vimeo is committed to deeper integration in Premiere Pro. Vimeo says "we’re kind of sweet on Adobe — and that means our partnership’s just beginning". It's safe to assume Vimeo will soon include Review Page features inside Premiere Pro. The only mystery is how these changes will impact Wipster's relationship with Vimeo and other video review and approval competitors.

Premiere Gal: 5 Premiere Pro Tutorials on Export Settings for Social Media

Learn how to export video from Premiere Pro to the top social media sites. Premiere Gal has just finished a week-long tutorial series on exporting and publishing videos from Premiere Pro to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow along as she shows how to create sequences, save them as presets, and upload them to the web using Premiere Pro's export presets and direct publishing. She also has a few custom export recipes and recommendations of her own! Continue reading to hear more from Premiere Gal!

I'll be uploading a new video tutorial each day of the week. Each video will demonstrate, in detail, the best video export settings in Premiere Pro for the following social media platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. —Premiere Gal


Motion Array: Direct Publishing To YouTube And Vimeo With Adobe Media Encoder

This Motion Array tutorial will show you how to publish your videos directly from Premiere Pro to YouTube and Vimeo using Adobe Media Encoder. (Applies to exporting from Premiere Pro as well.)

Today’s tip is about speeding up the process of publishing to YouTube or Vimeo. We know that many of you put work up on these two sites all the time, so you might find this quite handy. —Motion Array