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VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК: Free Movie Title Opener for Premiere Pro

I know there are a ton of tutorials out there already explaining how to do this. But all videos I found are using the Track Matte effect and stacking multiple assets on top of each other to achieve that effect. There is actually a much easier way to do this and that's by applying the alpha adjust effect to the text and checking "invert alpha". That's it. —VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК

VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК: Color Transitions Pack - Free Template for Premiere Pro

Here is a free transition pack for you... If you just want to download the free transition pack head over to the download link below and unlock it. Once you've unpacked the .zip file you will find a couple of mograph templates for Premiere Pro. You can apply them in the Essential Graphics Panel. The Transitions are completely editable, you can change the colors and adjuts the timing with the keyframes in the effects control. —VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК