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Trint AI Transcription Panel for Premiere Pro

Trint for Premiere, Trint’s new panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables direct upload of footage to Trint for fast automated transcription. This gives users a quick and integrated flow for making audio searchable and for creating captions for their media. Using Trint’s automated speech-to-text technologies, editors quickly get a machine-generated draft transcript that they can easily polish to perfect in the Trint Editor. Transcriptions corrected in Trint will be available in the panel, giving editors direct access to SRTs from within Premiere Pro CC. —Trint

Digital Anarchy: New Transcription Features in Transcriptive 1.1, Search Your Premiere Project, and More

The biggest change is the Transcriptive installer now features a beta of a separate panel called PowerSearch. This searches the entire Premiere Pro project for whatever phrase you’re looking for, returning any clip or sequence that has it and the timecode. Basically it works just like a Google search for your Premiere project. —Digital Anarchy

Premiere Gal: How to Auto-Transcribe Video with Transcriptive in Premiere Pro

In this 3-part tutorial series, Premiere Gal walks through how to use Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive to auto-transcribe videos in Premiere Pro. Transcriptive is a paid service that uses AI to quickly transcribe audio with 95% accuracy! Premiere Gal goes on to show how your transcribed files can be used to edit faster in Premiere Pro, and also increase SEO with captions uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.

Digital Heaven: SpeedScriber Transforms Transcription Premiere Pro

Digital Heaven today announced the launch of SpeedScriber for macOS, a significant advance in automated transcription for content creators. SpeedScriber provides amazingly accurate transcripts from audio or video files at insanely fast speeds — a 60 minute file is typically transcribed in less than 10 minutes. Transcripts can be reviewed and edited in the app then exported to multiple formats or accessed in Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. —Digital Heaven