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Piotr Toczyński: 3 Timeline Buttons That You Need To Use (Premiere Pro)

Every Premiere Pro Editor spends most of their time in the Timeline panel but not many uses these 3 buttons that control the way that panel works: 1. Insert and overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips button, 2. Snap button, 3. Linked Selection button In this video. I'll tell you how to use them and what they are for. You'll also learn about grouping clips together. —Piotr Toczyński

Rocket Pencil Productions: How to Save Multiple Clips from One Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro

This latest video is answering a question from a viewer who wanted to know how to save/render multiple clips from a timeline. Set in's and outs on the timeline of the clip you want to render. File -Export - Export Media or CMD M or CTRL M. Give it a file name and then hit queue. Make sure the Source Range is set to Sequence in and Out! —Rocket Pencil Productions