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The Video Course: How to Make a Lower Third that Automatically Reveals Your Text in Premiere Pro

Still recovering from a blown mind. The majority of this The Video Course tutorial is inside After Effects. The host, Kevin Anson, walks through the entire process of designing and animating a lower third that can be reused in Premiere Pro to reveal your text. This is not a Dynamic Link workflow or an AE Template. This lower third is rendered out of After Effects as a standalone asset. Kevin generously provides the project file for free below.



The Video Course: Improving Dialogue in Premiere Pro

In this high-quality video tutorial, Kevin Anson, founder and frontman of The Video Course, teaches how to improve dialogue in Premiere Pro with a few simple techniques. He adds "steroids" to his dialogue tracks using the presets in Premiere Pro's Multiband Compressor. Kevin also quickly walks through his own audio setup for recording his voiceover, and offers several tips for recording better quality sound.

In this lesson/ tutorial, we'll be covering how to compress your audio in Premiere Pro. I'll show you how to add a Multiband Compressor and a Dynamics filter to enhance your dialogue, compress your narration, and basically improve your audio in Premiere Pro. —Kevin Anson, The Video Course


How To Use the NEW After Effects Live Text Templates Inside of Premiere CC 2015

Kevin Anson of The Video Course teaches how to create Dynamically Linked live text templates in After Effects for Premiere Pro. Live text templates allow editors to customize the text of an After Effects comp inside the Effect Controls panel of Premiere Pro.

This lesson covers how to use Live Text Templates in Adobe After Effects. You can create a graphic in Adobe After Effects, and then change the text all inside of Adobe Premiere. —The Video Course